5 Best Breakout Altcoins to Watch in January 2022

The best cryptocurrencies to watch in January 2022 are those that have the most potential for growth. These coins will be ranked based on their market cap and industry disruption potential. There is a good chance they’ll become some of your favorite altcoins while you’re still alive, too!

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The “best altcoins to invest in 2022” is a list of 5 coins that are expected to have a big year.


The cryptocurrency sector is never dull. Traders are continuously on edge due to a confluence of extremely volatile pricing, innovation, market trends, market emotion, new innovations, and more. No one can predict the future with any degree of confidence.

Having said that, the cryptocurrency sector has been for 13 years, so we do have some knowledge of the sorts of initiatives that have the potential to succeed but haven’t for a variety of reasons. It doesn’t really matter whether they are underappreciated, young and haven’t had a chance to make a major splash yet, or if they are doing things nice and leisurely rather than hurrying them so they might take advantage of minor chances.

What matters is that there are many cryptocurrencies with a particular price but much higher potential that they haven’t yet realized. We made an effort to find these cryptocurrencies and give them to you right now. Here are our top selections for the five greatest cryptocurrencies to watch in January 2022 and beyond, with that out of the way.

1. Solana

Solana is top on our list (SOL). Solana is a project that competes with Ethereum for the title of best development platform in the cryptocurrency space. While there are numerous parallels between the two, there are also significant differences between them as well.

Since Solana is a considerably more recent project than Ethereum, it is also far more technologically sophisticated. Actually, it exists only to address the problems that are stopping Ethereum from being the strong network it may be. That much is true—Ethereum is already a massive project. In actuality, the issue with it is mostly a result of its size and popularity. As you can see, Ethereum has scalability issues since demand is far more than what its old technology can handle.

With far superior technologies operating in the background, Solana provides all the same opportunities as Ether. As a result, there is no waiting time since it can handle almost any amount of transactions instantly. As users do not need to entice people who verify transactions with a higher money offering, there are no escalating fees when there is no waiting time. With the potential to improve in the future, Ethereum’s current features, such as security and usability, remain the same.

Solana is a very serious competitor to Ethereum and doesn’t really have any clear drawbacks. Ethereum is still the industry leader in terms of development, dApps, new crypto trends, DeFi, and more.

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Cardano 2.

Cardano is next on the list. Cardano, like Solana, is an Ethereum rival, albeit it didn’t start acting like one until October 2021. At that time, Cardano completed the second phase of its development, leading to the official release of its smart contracts.

Cardano is now a significant participant in the cryptocurrency market, particularly in the development space, with smart contracts finally allowed. The development of dApps, DeFi protocols, metaverses, NFTs, additional cryptocurrencies, and any other blockchain goods that you can find on any other development platform in the cryptocurrency market is made possible by smart contracts.

Cardano took its development extremely seriously, which is why it took so long to create its smart contracts. It doesn’t waste time or money, it doesn’t go through superfluous motions, and it doesn’t hurry things along only to draw customers during a bull run or anything similar. Instead, it took its time and completed the task correctly. Cardano was able to go up to the third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap for a period after launching just its smart contracts.

Remember that only two of the five Eras had been finished when the project really began to take off. In other words, Cardano may be the cryptocurrency project with the most potential, which makes it certainly worthwhile to have a look at.

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Shiba Inu 3.

Shiba Inu takes the third slot. Dogecoin, the first and most popular memecoin in the cryptocurrency industry, served as the model for this project. As a joke, Dogecoin was developed in 2013 and never intended to last more than a few months. But nonetheless it has persisted for over a decade now, and at one time it became so viral that it made it very far up the top 10 list.

Shiba Inu saw that the cryptocurrency market was evolving into something more than a purely financial one. This initiative has emerged as one of those who will contribute to the culture’s continued development by injecting comedy and enjoyment into it as it develops.

The project doesn’t have any unique use cases, amazing technological advancements, or a lofty objective that it seeks to accomplish. The main draw is the fact that it’s only there for entertainment. Some people see of it as Dogecoin 2.0 and perhaps as a possible DOGE competitor. At one time in 2021, SHIB succeeded in outperforming DOGE in terms of market value, but since then, DOGE has restored its position above it. It is unknown whether or not this will occur again, however considering that SHIB burns tokens, it wouldn’t be shocking if DOGE was surpassed by SHIB again soon.

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4. Decentralization

Decentraland, one of the first metaverse initiatives in the crypto business, is towards the end of the list. It was created long before the trend really took off. Decentraland is an initiative that offers digital pieces of property that may all be purchased and utilized anyway their owner sees appropriate.

By acquiring the NFT tokens linked to them, you may own a piece of digital real estate. Once you have them, you may use them to create blockchain-based dApps, games, and other things. They may also be used to plan events in the virtual world, something that many well-known people have previously done. The most recent Grand Slam to announce activities to support its tournament in the real world is the Australian Open, one of the four Grand Slams.

The blockchain industry’s vast metaverse movement has the potential to transform the internet and the way we organize events and meets. As a result, it has enormous potential, particularly given the possibility that it may enter this market first.

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Fifth, Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is our last option. This is a blockchain-based metaverse project that combines NFT and DeFi to give players more control over their game experience and to make it more enjoyable and lucrative.

Due to the project’s inspiration from the Pokemon video games, users are able to purchase monsters that they may later sell, train, breed, or employ in combat against other users’ monsters. As you may expect, winning these conflicts has advantages since the victors earn AXS, the project’s native cryptocurrency, as prizes.

The monsters may be bred to produce new NFTs, and they can be empowered by adding one or more of the more than 500 distinct body parts that belong to various species. You may vanquish opponents and get AXS awards by constructing the greatest monsters. Then you may stake those coins, acquire more monsters, upgrade existing ones, or just withdraw, trade, or turn them into fiat money.

The largest project of its sort in the cryptocurrency sector right now is Axie Infinity, a gaming initiative that seeks to make games enjoyable and lucrative. It combines the greatest elements of each cryptocurrency fad that has developed in recent years and adds its own special twist to them, which in our opinion makes it a clear winner.

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You should now be able to see why we have such trust in these initiatives, despite the fact that they are only a drop in the bitcoin industry’s ocean. Even if all of these ideas are excellent, they are not the only ones that have promise. Therefore, if you are ready to go out and do your own research, you will probably discover much more worthwhile of your time and money. The five initiatives listed above, however, are our top selections, so if you’re unsure where to begin, we suggest checking into them and determining for yourself whether or not they’re the kinds of projects you might believe in.

The “best unknown crypto to invest in” is an altcoin that has not been widely talked about. However, it could be a good investment because it’s relatively unknown and the price is low.

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