6 High-Risk, Low-Cap Cryptocurrencies That I Bought During the Crash

After the crypto-market crashed, I was able to buy some of these coins at low prices. There is still time to sell them if you want to make a profit, but it’s worth it just in case they go up later on.

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The “low risk, high return crypto” is a term that is used to describe cryptocurrencies with low market capitalization and high volatility. These are the 6 cryptocurrencies I bought during the crash.



I’m accustomed to massive market swings as a cryptocurrency trader, but even this week’s drop rattled me. Huge losses were witnessed across the board, with LUNA down almost 100% from its all-time high and numerous other cryptocurrencies down 50% or more in only one week. Bitcoin (BTC) performed better than the majority of altcoins, with prices ranging from $26,000 to $31,000 depending on the exchange.

While the market has the potential to continue to disintegrate, there is also a strong likelihood that it will rebound. Knowing this, astute investors took advantage of the market’s current state to look for bargains.

I planned to launch a new “High-Risk, Low-Cap” portfolio by taking advantage of yesterday’s oversold circumstances. I selected to buy some unknown tokens from firms that had received venture capital funding in the previous year and were now selling at historically low prices. Because these tokens are so cheap and have such limited circulation, there is a good chance that they will all go to zero due to market forces or other unanticipated circumstances.

Instead of fast trades for quick profit, I elected to look at these assets from the viewpoint of a long-term venture capitalist.

This perspective recognizes that there is a significant level of risk, with the typical view that 9 out of 10 ventures would fail or underperform. It is the one out of ten that pays dividends, and this is the strategy used with this portfolio. The aim is to find a gem that can increase in size from 10 to 100 times its current size.

The six tokens that were bought are listed below. As more tokens are discovered, they will be added to the list. This isn’t trading advice; it’s just for fun.

Protocol of Zebec (ZBC)

I purchased 1,300,000 ZBC coins at or about I bought 1,300,000 tokens of ZBC at or near $0.01628. This is the largest holding in the portfolio..01628. This is the portfolio’s biggest holding.

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Zebec Protocol is a payroll network that runs on the Solana blockchain and lets employees to be paid by the second in USDC or other stablecoins. It addresses one of the most significant issues facing bitcoin businesses: smooth and effective payroll. Shima Capital, Breyer Capital, Resolute Ventures, Launchpad Capital, Backend Capital, Meltem Demirors, Gemini Frontier Fund, Infinity Ventures Crypto, Wave 7, Cadenza Ventures, Hack VC, and Joe McCann are among the investors.

This token trades on Gate.io (Canada & USA Prohibited).

Protocol for Routers (ROUTE)

I purchased 20,000 ROUTE tokens for $1.02 or less. This is the portfolio’s second-largest holding.

Router Protocol, a technological initiative that is one of the newest in the portfolio, employs a proprietary pathfinder algorithm to discover the best route for cross-chain exchanges. They’ve just merged with Ethereum as well as the Fantom Network. Coinbase Ventures, QCP Capital, DeFi Capital, Alameda Research, Wintermute, Woodstock, and Shima Capital are among the investors.

This token trades on Gate.io (Canada & USA Prohibited).

Umee (UMEE)

I purchased 300,000 UMEE tokens at or around I bought 300,000 tokens of UMEE at or near $0.03783. This is the third largest holding in the portfolio..03783. This is the portfolio’s third biggest holding.

Umee provides DeFi expertise for staking, rates, and interoperable solutions across blockchains, making it one of the most high-risk projects in our portfolio. It’s basically a layer one blockchain based atop the Cosmos SDK enabling cross-chain communication and interoperability. Coinbase Ventures, Polychain Capital, Alameda Research, Consensys, Tendermint, CMS, BKCM, and GSR are among the investors in this project.

This token trades on Gate.io (Canada & USA Prohibited).

Protocol NEST (NEST)

I purchased 335,000 NEST tokens at or about I bought 335,000 tokens of NEST at or near $0.02931. This is the fourth largest holding in the portfolio..02931. This is the portfolio’s fourth biggest holding.

Nest Protocol is a top 400 token, making it one of the most valuable tokens on the list. It offers a reasonable degree of liquidity since it trades on major platforms like Huobi Global. It’s an Ethereum-based decentralized pricing oracle that seems to be gaining favor when evaluating market sentiment. It has less upside potential than some of the other tokens on our list due to its present very high value, but it was included since it is supported by several major venture firms, including Coinbase Ventures.

This token trades on Huobi Global. (Canada & USA Prohibited).

Cooperative Index (INDEX)

I purchased 2,000 INDEX tokens for $4.78 or less. This is the portfolio’s sixth biggest holding.

Index Cooperative is a solution for investors who don’t want to do the legwork of researching investments; instead, it provides a variety of crypto investment topics, including an Interest Compound ETH Index, a Metaverse Index, and a DeFi Pulse Index. Investors may choose their preferred index and delegate investment selection to more experienced hands. Sequoia Capital, Galaxy Digital, DeFiance Capital, and Wintermute are just a few of the venture capital firms that have invested in this business.

This cryptocurrency is traded on Hoo.

Protocol for Unlocking (UDT)

At or around $22.63, I purchased 360 UDT tokens. This is the portfolio’s sixth biggest holding.

This is a completely free protocol that allows anybody to quickly form memberships and sell NFTs. This protocol is run by the community and allows for complete modification. General Catalyst, Consensys Ventures, Kindred Ventures, Betaworks, 122 West Ventures, and Coinbase Ventures are among the largest venture capital firms that have invested.

When I bought these tokens, the project’s market valuation was roughly $900,000, and I couldn’t buy any more because of a lack of liquidity. This is the most risky coin in the portfolio due to its limited liquidity and lack of exchanges. It also delivers the biggest potential payoff for the same reasons as described above.

This cryptocurrency is traded on Hoo.


These tokens were not obtained with the purpose of making a rapid profit, but rather for long-term keeping. To put it another way, there’s a good chance that some of them will fail and fall to zero, but there’s also a chance that one or more of them could skyrocket in value and break into the top 200 coins by market capitalization.

In the next weeks, Securities.io will provide investing advice for each of these projects.

Please note that this is not financial advice; the material is provided only for the purpose of amusement and education, as well as to convey the mentality that drives chevalier’s trading techniques. Securities.io is not an investment adviser, and dealing in cryptocurrencies has a significant risk of losing your whole investment. Always do your own research.

The “best low cap cryptocurrency” is a high-risk, low-cap cryptocurrency that I bought during the crash. The 6 cryptocurrencies are Ripple, Cardano, Stellar Lumens, EOS, Monero and NEO.

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