A Complete Guide on Token Listings by TechToken Network!

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The cryptocurrency space is currently flooded with market analysis, trade predictions and news. However, a major gap remains in the technology, where investors and traders are struggling to understand the underlying technology of cryptos. Therefore, TechToken & Co. have created a complete guide that does not only include the basics of how cryptocurrencies work, but also covers the most important aspects of the technology. TechToken is a marketplace that puts the future of technology in the hands of the masses. It is a platform that connects innovators with potential investors to help get their ideas off the ground, and ultimately, into the hands of the people. In order to successfully run the marketplace, the innovative minds behind TechToken have created the Tokenomics platform. TechToken’

For any blockchain startup looking to carve out a niche in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, the most important factor that will determine whether or not you can ever make headway in this space is whether or not your token or coin is listed on an exchange platform.

Think what it will be like when you succeed with your first chip or coin offering and your investors bet on your acquisition with high expectations.

Suddenly your token or coin is no longer on the list of trusted exchanges. This is unthinkable! You have just succeeded in creating a community of disgruntled investors who will take every opportunity to take you down and crucify you.

This is not a good picture. This will prove to be a waste of time. Creating a new cryptographic asset is not an easy task. It takes a lot of resources, time and energy, and then it all ends up in the trash just because the exchanges didn’t list your digital assets.

If your token is not listed, your asset is not visible to users. This way, it stays with you. However, exchange platforms are necessary because if someone uses your token in your decentralized application, they can know the value of the token in their hands.

The Tech Token Network project is a Tron blockchain-based platform that works with decentralized financial protocols, allowing existing users to choose the most robust platforms. We hope to be able to conclude an agreement and a contract with the best companies, so that the owners of TCN can act and invest without hesitation.

Our team is ready to manage the linking criteria and standards to work with the major exchange platforms, allowing users to take advantage and skip steps with a simple and user-friendly interface.

We have simplified this article by mentioning the rating of chips, what to look for in a trade, why you should choose wisely and how to rate chips. This is an excellent guide to read and take with you on your trip.

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TCNand TCNtoken listing strategy

TCN is the proprietary token of the Tech Token Network project, which was inspired by the Tron network. With the goal of providing robust blockchain technology services and protocols, we are quickly becoming a valuable asset to other blockchain projects, even at a very affordable price.

We have many ongoing services to satisfy capital investors, and others that the company uses to attract potential customers. One of the current applications is the TCN Box technology token, which integrates a decentralized and open token network to create a smart infrastructure based on a decentralized digital economy.

The app offers artificial intelligence-based travel booking and delivery services, among other things. Global freight and courier services and DeFi’s platform for lending, vaping and mining high yield tokens.

Our SEO strategy is very simple and straightforward. We already have a great team. Our team is a truly global project, with members of teams from all over the world.

Of the 11 team members, three have software and product management backgrounds, while the other four are blockchain veterans who have worked in the industry as developers and as operations and business development managers. The team members are the same people who designed the software mechanics and development of the TCN.

Why did TCN choose Coinsbit and JustSwap?

As mentioned earlier, a large crypto project without any kind of listing on exchanges, especially those with stellar reputations, equals wasted effort. The technology token network recently announced the listing of TCN tokens on the Coinsbit exchange and the JustSwap platform.

This is a breakthrough for the TCN project. Coinsbit is a well-known global brand in the world of trading. Listing coins on such reliable exchange platforms will open up TCN tokens to more investors. The announcement of the alliance with Coinsbit alone resulted in a price increase of over 40%.

In addition, TCN holders can exchange their tokens/coins with Bitcoin, Tron and Tether as an exchange pair. These combinations are also the most commonly used by the major cryptocurrencies in the market ecosystem. An official announcement from the Coinsbit platform states that the TCN token will be released on the 10th. Negotiations will start in May 2021. More publicity means more recognition and more investors. What could be better?

This event is a great way for TCN holders to get their profits and make large investments through a robust trading platform. The same goes for JustSwap. Moreover, experts at the recent AMA meeting predicted that the price of the TCN token would reach $1 immediately after the Coinsbit exchange goes live. Moreover, the price will reach the $5 range within 6 months of listing and $7 by the end of 2025. Let’s hope for the best!

What is an exchange?

The Institute of Corporate Finance has simplified the definition of cryptocurrency exchanges as platforms that facilitate the exchange of cryptocurrencies against other assets, including digital and fiat currencies.

Trading platforms act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers and earn commissions and transaction fees. They can also make money when customers pay for some of the products and services they offer on their platforms.

There are mainly two types of exchange platforms: centralized and decentralized (DEX) exchanges of cryptocurrencies. Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges act as intermediaries between the buyer and seller of a digital asset. They are generally more reliable because they are managed and controlled by the company; centralized exchanges offer greater reliability.

We believe that about 99% of all cryptocurrency transactions go through centralized exchanges. Conversely, decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges (DEX) do not require intermediaries in a transaction. The technology token network is also a decentralized platform that can help you stand out.

They allow users to conduct peer-to-peer transactions without the intervention of a referee. Decentralized exchanges therefore do not exchange fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies.

Coinmonks estimates that there are currently 390 exchanges, roughly divided into three levels: top-tier or large exchanges, mid-tier exchanges and small exchanges. Large stock exchanges are characterized by high liquidity.

In reality, they are looking for a more loyal customer base that your digital asset provides them with, which also allows them to pay for some of the products they have in stock to sell. You still benefit from this arrangement because your token will be seen by their customer base.

Listing of tokens on the exchange platform

Getting your Tron blockchain-based challenge project onto an exchange platform is no easy task. This requires careful, thorough and patient work from the project managers. This is very important because no exchange platform will accept a crypto currency project of poor quality or poorly presented.

The listing process is the same as taking a new company public. First, you need professionals in the field of cryptocurrencies, called ICO advisors in the case of cryptocurrencies.

It is the job of the professional advisors to help you make the right decisions on how to accommodate the scholarships, so that you will be in an advantageous position where the scholarships cannot reject your project.

We have done extensive research on the various exchanges and what cryptocurrency platforms are looking for, and we will work with you to ensure that your cryptocurrency projects meet these requirements and standards.

The first issue they address is fees. They will sit down with you and provide a detailed analysis of the necessary costs associated with the token. They will also help you create a white paper. This is a detailed plan of what the project entails and how it will be carried out.

Things like the purpose of the token, scalability, liquidity and adoption, how it works for developers, holders and the community, the release of the token with the percentage for each stage of distribution, the timing of the release of the token in the BApp store and content discovery, payment services, your wallet type, regulatory compliance and the team you need to work with.

After the whitepaper, they also help you identify the problem the token solves and its utility, the technology base it is based on, and the current status of the token.

Another very important thing to include in the profile of the management team of a token issuer. This is very important because it lets the exchange know what kind of people you are working with – their pedigree and skill level.

The legal issues surrounding the token and the platform are also of great importance in terms of the scope of registration and the target area of operation. You will want to know what the laws are in this area and how they will affect the token. Is this even a legitimate project in this region? Does the law provide for it or prohibit it?

It’s about building the project on a solid structure, and that’s what it should be in the first place. A project can be doomed because the structure doesn’t look the way it should.

The catch is that you need to structure your project so that even a blind person can see the solid foundation before you even start spending money on development.

Next step TCN!

TCN has come a long way and hasn’t stopped there. Coinsbit will provide a new service to TCN starting on the 10th. May 2021 available for purchase and sale. The next phase is Airdrop, which will begin in Q2 2021 for TCN token holders. After this first airdrop, expect more airdrops from TCN. 24% of the total tokens have already been allocated to airdrops in the 12 months since the first token.

The presale of TCN tokens has already started and has been successfully completed. The first phase of the presale started on the 15th. March. The third phase of the pre-sale was supposed to start on April 30, but has been kindly modified and now ends on May 5, 2021, to give other potential investors a chance to get in.

TCN is the real crap! After listing on Coinsbit, the price of the token is expected to increase from $0.1 to $0.5 in May. That is an increase of 55%. Experts also think it will rise to $0.7 in the next four to five years. So, what are you waiting for? Get in a rut and arm yourself with as many TCNs as you can carry.

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