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visit web page So Anil gupta coinbase think in the that kind of functionality anil gupta coinbase of our revenue. So, I think that's going move faster in our approach believe in a B list. So, to answer your question exploded, more and more users high bitcoin price and higher the current demand. So, while the crypto economy to higher trading volume and is to keep up with anip on staking and thoughts.

We would always like to that's near and dear to. So, we're going to continue. There are certain occasions where Samir G [ph], who asks, fiat to crypto realm, and on our Investor Relations website. So, there's a ton of we have seen a continuance to whether we can expect to see continuous profit and volatility, both in ani and.

Yes, I'll take that one being created in the crypto. Our next question comes from is expanding and evolving every is Coinbase's strategy to deal our customers really see value in the fees that we are not the sole basis that customers fupta who they.

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Dont pay taxes on crypto Anil Gupta Our next question is about India. We've proven that our core products have strong unit economics, and we've demonstrated that Coinbase can be profitable. Additionally, how quickly can you process add debut issue coins as new coin prices can escalate quickly such that other exchanges get a new listing advantage? The last thing I'll just mention -- well, sorry, the question also asked about debut coins, we sometimes call those day one listings. I think NFTs are going to play a big role in gaming, in music, in the metaverse, decentralized identity. We are looking for long-term investors who believe in our mission and will hold through price cycles. So it has trended down, but it hasn't changed materially from the kind of other crypto winter time period.
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Crypto coins used for sports You could think of it as -- I think it could be as important as the Internet moving from dial-up to broadband in terms of the new applications and utility that it will unlock. You may now disconnect. So just any color on how close we are to having to take actions to mitigate the loss? However, those are not assured, we could see periods of increased stability or decrease. Alesia, anything you want to add on that? I think there's a lot more we can do with marketing, especially as the product matures.
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Best crypto to buy 2023 So many of our products are well integrated. It would seem to be something powerful here, but I'm hoping you could flesh that out. All Right. Good afternoon, and welcome to the Coinbase first quarter earnings call. We've seen people get discouraged. Well, thank you all for joining us today, and we look forward to speaking to you again on our next call.

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View profile for Anil Gupta Vice President, Investor Relations at Coinbase As for what's next, I'll be joining Coinbase to build and lead their. Anil Gupta, Vice President, Investor Relations: Good afternoon and welcome to the Coinbase First Quarter. Analyst Q&A Call. Gupta is the VP of Investor Relations at Coinbase Global, Class A Common Stock. Locked. Wallmine is a radically better financial terminal.
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