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Best 7 Cryptocurrencies to Buy in Case of a Bull run this Weekend


The market is currently experiencing a Bull Run, but we don’t know if it will last. Here are the top 7 cryptos to buy in case of an upcoming bull run this weekend.

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The “next cryptocurrency to explode 2021” is a highly volatile and speculative investment. This means that the best time to invest in it, is when you believe the market will be going up. There are many other cryptocurrencies out there that are worth looking into as well, but this one seems like the most promising right now.



Since late November, the cryptocurrency market has been on the down. Liquidations have removed billions of dollars from the market, wiping off much of the gains achieved before the fourth quarter of 2021 began. Furthermore, volatility is strong, and each effort to gain has been met with a subsequent drop.

The market is now exhibiting indications of revival. Bitcoin and Ethereum are trading in the green zone for the first time this week. Bitcoin is now trading at $48,000, up from $46,000 earlier this week. Furthermore, Ethereum has risen somewhat from roughly $3750 to around $3900.

While the gains are minor, the tiny rise has rekindled market confidence, and traders are again hunting for coins to purchase as prices rebound.

If the market continues to rise for the rest of the week, here are seven crypto currencies to consider purchasing this weekend.

Solana is number one (SOL)

Solana is at the top of the list (SOL). During the current bear market, SOL was one of the worst-affected tokens. Solana is noted for not following the general market trend. During prior downturn cycles, SOL has showed extraordinary resiliency by rising when the rest of the market has lost.

However, SOL has been heavily struck by the latest negative trend, which has coincided with a huge blow to the Solana blockchain. Solana was hit by a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) assault on Thursday. It produced a network outage, and although the validators were able to fix the problem without shutting down the network, it raised questions about Solana’s security.

During the current bear cycle, Solana fell to monthly lows of $151. With a 5.4 percent price increase, SOL is now among the top gainers during the recent market rebound. The coin is currently 36 percent behind its all-time high, but guided by the recent patterns, SOL may quickly recoup its losses. As a result, it is a good purchase during the price recovery.

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Avalanche number two (AVAX)

AVAX is another cryptocurrency to consider purchasing this weekend if you’re looking for a price rebound. AVAX is also one among the top 15 gainers among cryptocurrencies. Unlike other currencies that have benefited from a market rebound, AVAX has benefited from the increasing technical strength of its blockchain.

USDC’s creator, Circle, has announced that the stablecoin would be integrated into the Avalanche network. The move will aid in the adoption of decentralized finance (DeFi) on the network.

Following this news, AVAX has seen double-digit growth, and it currently stands as the eleventh biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

Because of its cheap costs and fast speeds, the Avalanche blockchain has gotten a lot of attention in recent weeks. Three Arrows Capital switched from Ethereum to Avalanche because of these features, which let them to avoid Ethereum’s congestion and hefty gas prices.

The addition of USDC to Avalanche will increase the network’s appeal to developers, resulting in more DeFi adoption and a price recovery for AVAX. As a result, AVAX is an excellent purchase for a weekend price recovery.

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3. The Gala (GALA)

GALA is the other notable purchase this weekend. GALA has established itself as a metaverse currency, and given the increasing popularity of the virtual world, metaverse coins are suitable assets to own in a well-diversified portfolio.

Because of the happenings surrounding GALA, it is a strong purchase for a price recovery this weekend among the numerous metaverse currencies. The first is that GALA’s inclusion on major cryptocurrency exchange platforms has resulted in increased trading volumes. GALA was listed on Coinbase in mid-November, signaling the start of significant growth.

Gala has teamed up with C2 Ventures to form a $100 million fund to build a “Galaverse” and encourage blockchain gaming. GALA is primed for significant gains in the future, given the metaverse’s and blockchain gaming’s current trends.

Despite the current slump, GALA is one of the few currencies that has maintained its monthly gains. GALA has increased by 437 percent in the last 30 days. While it has fallen from its all-time highs of $0.82, it has maintained the majority of its gains, indicating that traders have not been rushing to sell despite the market downturn.

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4. Polkadots are a kind of polkadot (DOT)

Polkadot is another cryptocurrency that is a recommended purchase during the market rebound this weekend. During the current price slump, Polkadot was also one of the worst-affected coins. However, there is still a lot going on in the Polkadot ecosystem, which indicates that price increases are possible.

Due to the parachains sale, Polkadot began a strong surge last month. Decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols have continued to show interest in the auction slots, which were first announced in November.

Because contributors vote on their favorite projects in the parachains auction, demand for DOT is increasing. On December 16, the fifth auction will take place, and on December 17, the first set of winning parachains will be onboarded on the Polkadot Relay Chain.

As a result, if the market recovers this weekend, DOT is expected to be among the top gainers, as the first batch of winning parachains will go online, boosting on-chain activity.

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Polygon (5th) (MATIC)

MATIC, the Polygon blockchain’s native currency, is another token to consider purchasing this weekend. After the market began to show signs of recovery, Polygon was among the top gainers in the top 20 list. The currency has gained over 5% and is continuing trending upwards.

During last month’s powerful bullish advance, MATIC was one of the few popular currencies that failed to reach all-time highs. However, the network continues to make significant changes that raise hopes for future pricing.

Polygon has bought Mir to expand its zero-knowledge capability. Polygon will benefit from the purchase, which is valued at $400 million, since it will help with scalability and interoperability.

Polygon is an Ethereum-based layer two scaling solution that has gained a lot of attention in recent months due to its rapid usage. Polygon, a 21Shares exchange-traded vehicle, was introduced earlier this year (ETP).

Polygon’s growing technical capabilities has made it a desirable purchase for investors looking for initiatives with a solid technological foundation.

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Shiba Inu (Shiba Inu) is a Japanese dog breed (SHIB)

Shiba Inu’s value has dropped by 61% from its all-time high. However, due to a number of characteristics, it remains a solid purchase in the event of a price recovery.

The first is that, despite the downturn, SHIB continues to gain traction and adoption is increasing. SHIB has recently been accepted as a method of payment by a number of sites, including AMC Entertainment, Travala, a Las Vegas auto dealer, and others.

SHIB was recently added to the Flexa network, which was a huge recommendation. Flexa is a cryptocurrency payment network supported by Gemini, a cryptocurrency exchange. Around 40,000 shops on the network, including GameStop, will now accept the token.

Shiba Inu creators are continually working to expand the network. Shiba Inu would be travelling into the metaverse, according to their creators. Token burning is likely to be revealed with the debut of SHIB in the metaverse, which might ultimately address the problem of excessive token supply.

SHIB may make another bullish rise, perhaps to new highs, thanks to a mix of network growth and adoption.

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Cardano is number seven (ADA)

Cardano is the other cryptocurrency that might see gains if the market recovers this weekend. After the Alonzo hard fork in September, the Cardano blockchain is still in the early stages of smart contract development.

Sundaeswap, the first significant DeFi protocol, became live on the Cardano blockchain, although it received little attention since it occurred during a market downturn. Sundaeswap is presently available for testing on the Cardano blockchain.

The Cardano team has been grateful for user input on the Sundaeswap deployment, and it is presently working to solve flaws that have been discovered throughout the process. Sundaeswap will become live on the Cardano blockchain once the testing phase is over.

The ADA coin might see big increases as soon as Cardano gets its footing in the smart contract arena. ADA will constitute one of the best buys if buyers return to the market, sparking gains. As a result, in the event of a price recovery, it is one of the greatest tokens available.

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Since the beginning of the month, the cryptocurrency market has been declining. However, prices are beginning to rise, and with some little increases, the market may be on the verge of a price recovery by the weekend. The current recession has kept purchasers out of the market, but strong price activity may entice them back.

If the market rebounds, the coins listed above might see large profits. However, it is vital to remember that the cryptocurrency market is quite volatile. Even when experts projected that the market would rise, it hasn’t always done so. As a result, it is necessary to be aware of the dangers and invest prudently.

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A: You might be interested in Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple. All of these have been rising and all three are worth looking into if youre thinking about investing your money in cryptocurrencies.

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A: Currently, the best option for you would be NEO. However, there are many other good options out there such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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