Binance Responds to Regulatory Scrutiny by Removing Stock Tokens from its Platform

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Malta, with a large following among traders. The exchange has taken steps to ensure a smooth operation in light of regulatory scrutiny, removing several of its tokens from its platform.

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One of the biggest digital exchanges in the world, Binance, has banned the trading of its native token, Binance Coin (BNB). The exchange said that it would temporarily suspend trading of BNB on the platform until it is able to review the process of listing the token on its exchange.

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance is facing increasing regulation for its so-called exchange tokens – cryptocurrencies linked to shares in various companies. So much so that the exchange has been forced to remove it from its platform as of today.

The world’s largest and most controversial cryptocurrency exchange

Binance has been the largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume for years, but despite its dominance in the cryptocurrency industry, the exchange has made mistakes in the past that now haunt it. The platform has been the focus of a number of controversies over the years.

At one point, the main platform offered services to U.S. users, although the exchange offered coins and tokens that the SEC classified as securities. It bought CoinMarketCap, leading to criticism from many who feared it would be used to raise its own profile and denigrate potential competitors.

The exchange also claimed to be based in Malta, which Malta itself denied by stating that the exchange had no documents issued by its regulators. The SushiSwap offer was not without controversy either, after the founder of SushiSwap left the project, leading many to believe it was a scam that was on its way out. This naturally led to criticism from Binance, as when the exchange saw the popular token, it immediately listed it, reportedly without checking or thinking twice.

In recent months, however, the exchange has faced another major challenge, this time with regulators around the world, over the fact that the exchange offers tokenised shares.

Equity tokens have received increasing attention from regulators

Binance has been offering tokenised shares for some time, but the trend towards tokenisation gained momentum earlier this year with the liquidation of GameStop. For those who don’t remember, a group of institutional investors (among others) bought GameStop’s stock short, causing its share price to fall. In essence, they were making money and destroying the business at the same time.

This prompted a group of small investors on Reddit to buy GameStop shares en masse, causing the stock price to rise. This caused great damage to institutions, and a number of central securities exchanges withdrew GameStop shares, preventing investors from buying them. The cryptocurrency industry has responded by offering various platforms to tokenize these shares and allow investors to acquire them by buying tokens. This drew attention to the tokenization of stocks, and regulators around the world began to examine the idea and its legitimacy.

Since Binance was one of the exchanges offering various tokenised shares, regulators were quick to point out that Binance was not allowed to offer such regulated services in their country. This forced banks such as the British multinational Barclays to stop all transactions to and from the stock exchange, to the anger of their customers.

Regulators in other countries, such as Japan and Germany, have also issued warnings against the exchange of tokenised shares, and although Binance tried to defend its position for a while, the exchange eventually admitted its mistake, pointing out that it had grown rapidly and made mistakes at that speed. She also stated that she would be expanding her compliance team to look for other potential problems.

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As for tokenised shares, the company has just announced its decision to abolish them.

Italy joins tough approach forces Binance to withdrawexchange coins

According to an announcement from Binance today, 16. In July 2021, users of the exchange will no longer be able to buy digital tokens linked to shares. The decision comes just one day after Italian regulators decided to join the growing group of those imposing restrictions on the platform because of the product.

Binance has announced that as of today, exchange coins will no longer be available for purchase on its platform and exchange coins will no longer be available for purchase after the 14th trading day. The company also stated that it plans to focus on its other platform offerings.

As mentioned above, Italian regulators joined the others yesterday and issued warnings against the platform. They stated that Binance was not properly licensed to offer investment services and activities in Italy. Even the main website, which provides information in Italian on stock market tokens and derivatives, has been affected.

Binance seems to have finally conceded defeat on this issue, as the problem drew increasing attention and the exchange was forced to cut its losses and exit the product.

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