Bitcoin is the future, YouTube star KSI says

Bitcoin may be the future, YouTube star KSI says. Bitcoin may be the future, YouTube star KSI says.

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KSI is a YouTube star who has produced a series of vlogs on YouTube, where he frequently discusses cryptocurrency. The video, which has been watched over 2 million times, shows KSI stating his views on the future of Bitcoin and YouTube, drawing parallels between the two.

YouTuber and DJ, KSI is a popular force in the online gaming community, and he’s certainly no stranger to cryptocurrency himself. Our latest interview features him spilling his thoughts on Bitcoin, and how it’s the perfect form of currency for today’s society.


KSI, a well-known YouTuber, is among the crypto speculators who earned and lost a lot of money during the recent Bitcoin (BTC) collapse. However, in a recent interview, the United Kingdom-based influencer expressed his ongoing support and confidence in the Bitcoin ecosystem. 

In response to the hypothetical question, “If you were Prime Minister,” KSI, a.k.a. Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji, expressed his desire to “give everyone £100 worth of Bitcoin” as a stimulus package. KSI, which claims to support the crypto industry, stated:

“I believe Bitcoin is the way of the future. It will undoubtedly be long-term, but those who invested now will be laughing in 10 years.”

The YouTuber also compared the continuing inflation of fiat currency to the price of Bitcoin, which he attributes to the conventional method of creating money. He backed up his assertion by saying, “You can’t raise the quantity of Bitcoin and it still has value.” 

KSI has previously invested £2 million ($2.7 million) in cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, which reached a high of £7 million ($9.74 million) at one point. However, he claimed to have lost it all when he revealed the event, claiming that the digital assets “got liquidated due of the Bitcoin crash.” He continued, “

“This is a long-distance trip, and I want to take it.”

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The influencer also said that the average public does not understand Bitcoin’s development potential and is just interested in “getting in and out.” Reminiscing about his past crypto investments, KSI claims to have a thorough understanding of the sector and attributes his losses on “over leveraging.”

FTX lowers maximum leverage from 101 to 20 in order to promote “responsible trading”

Crypto exchanges all around the world have stepped up to alter the perception of bitcoin as a high-risk investment. The reduction of leverage has been one of the initial moves in this approach. According to a report by Cointelegraph, FTX, a well-known crypto exchange, has announced a strategy to reduce hazardous trading by lowering maximum leverage to 20x, a reduction of more than 80%.

Under the guise of ethical trading, FTX CEO and crypto millionaire Sam Bankman-Fried claimed that traders lose their crypto holdings in their first transactions due to excessive leverage. Other cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Huobi Global, have lately imposed limits on greater leverage. Binance has also set a 20x leverage restriction for new customers, with the intention of making this a standard for current users in the future.

Over the past few years, Bitcoin has grown from a small, underground alternative currency into one of the most popular ways to pay for goods and services online. Despite the lack of widespread use, Bitcoin has become a symbol of change—a currency that has no country, no central bank, and no single person in control.. Read more about ksi twitter and let us know what you think.

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