Chainlink Network Incorporates an Average of 1.4 New Partners

In March, Chainlink Network, Inc. (CLLN) announced that the company had raised $5 million in funding to expand its platform for smart contracts. This is Chainlink’s second major funding round. The first round saw the company raise $10 million in series A funding, led by Draper Associates and Union Square Ventures (USV).

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ChainLink is a blockchain-based service that allows developers to securely share data or record events on the public Ethereum network, which is growing at an ever-increasing pace. As a result, the company is actively seeking new partners to help it expand its network.

Chainlink is a startup that has been in the news recently. This week it announced that it had received over 3 million USD in funding from a group of investors that include Union Square Ventures. Like many other blockchain projects, Chainlink is building a platform that connects, rather than silo, disparate data sets and services. Unlike many other blockchain projects, Chainlink is not focused on just building a platform.. Read more about what is chainlink crypto and let us know what you think.

  • Every day, Chainlink adds an average of 1.4 new partners.
  • 281 different crypto ventures have filed for incorporation.
  • On July 20, Infinity Skies announced a collaboration with Chainlink.

During 2021, Chainlink, a tokenized oracle network, has added over 1.4 partner integrations each day. According to Chainlink’s network site, 281 different crypto projects have registered incorporation so far in 2021, despite the fact that the year is only 201 days old.

Furthermore, with 650 third-party Chainlink integrations this year, almost 43% of the project’s partners have been merged. In 2020, the Chainlink network will include approximately 250 partners.

Furthermore, many of Chainlink’s partners are under-recognized initiatives in the early phases of development. Some of the most well-known crypto platforms have recently teamed up with Oracle to provide their services. Huboi’s ECO Chain, the Hedera Governing Council, and Alchemix are among them.

More projects will use Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function in the future (VRF). VRF allows safe and automated discussions for generating randomization in decentralized apps (dApps).

Infinity Skies is a blockchain-powered game.

Infinity Skies, a blockchain-powered game, said on July 20 that it has partnered with the Chainlink network to properly supply its in-game rewards.

“Since loot is probabilistic and NFTs carry actual value to players,” said Infinity Skies, a blockchain-powered game. It is critical that loot minting cannot be manipulated.” Infinity Skies was also included.

“Chainlink VRF gives direct access to a tamper-proof and auditable random number to decide outcomes when opening chests to the Infinity Skies smart-contract responsible for chest opening.”

Crypto developers have also come up with fresh ideas for innovative uses of Chainlink’s VRF capabilities. In the preceding week, PancakeSwap added the Verifiable Random Function (VRF) to their decentralized lottery application. As a result, additional crypto projects are using VRF to ensure that awards and incentives are distributed in a verifiably fair manner.

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