CNN announces NFT collection of iconic world moments

Cryptocurrencies have become a big part of the conversation in today’s world, with their ability to facilitate transactions without the need for a middleman and at a nearly instantaneous speed has become a well-known and respected part of our daily lives. While some cryptocurrencies have gained massive popularity, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, the majority of the community is not yet aware of their scope; many do not realize that there are other cryptocurrencies available, many of which are significantly different than the ones that are most popular.

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The very first time I heard of bitcoin was back in 2013 when a news source called CNN announced it. It was a sign of the times, the era of digital currency was about to start, and the world was about to witness the birth of cryptocurrency. This was the global news of the day. Even though it was not the mainstream media coverage I was expecting, back then I first thought it was pretty cool, and I wanted more.

While world events are always exciting news, they are often accompanied by a tone of mystery and tragedy. Yesterday, CNN announced its intent to collect iconic world moments into a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection. If you are a crypto enthusiast, you have probably seen news articles like this before.. Read more about where to buy nft art and let us know what you think.

As cryptocurrencies become more ubiquitous and retailers and institutional investors buy tokens, we continue to see blockchain being introduced into other aspects such as. B. non-playable tokens (NFT) as collectibles. As part of NFT’s latest launch, CNN announced that everyone can own a piece of history in the form of collectible historical moments in media news.

CNN’s NFT Vault project: Moments That Changed Us is a series of incredible moments from history over the past four decades, symbolized for purchase. Some of these tokens may be limited editions, with only one or a few being offered for sale, while others may be an open series.

For more than 40 years, CNN has taken you on extraordinary journeys and told the stories of our time. Now Vault by CNN offers you a new way to own and relive some of those historic moments that changed our lives and the world.

Vault collectibles have not yet launched, and it is not yet known which moments will be available for purchase. The company said it will cover CNN’s exclusive stories and content, world history, defining moments and presidential elections. According to CNN, there will initially be six weekly dumps starting in late June.

How will the NFTs work?

CNN chose to mine NFT on the Flow blockchain because it offers an energy-efficient proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. This blockchain also houses the NBA Top Shot collection, which is considered reliable due to the success of this NFT collection.

Once they receive tokens, users can purchase and store their moments in the CNN Vault. The media company noted that cryptocurrency is not required to purchase NFT and that credit card payments are accepted. To find out what tokens are available, users should sign up for the Vault newsletter.

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