Concordium Concludes $36 Million Fundraising 2 Months Ahead Of Mainnet

Zug, Switzerland, 27. April 2021,

Concord, a data protection firm, has published its 4th global report on the privacy of the GTU cryptographic system. De eingeworbenen Mittel werden zur Finanzierung der weiteren Entwicklung des Projekts, der Dezentralisierung, der Einführung des Backbone-Netzwerks und der Notierung an Krypto-Börsen verwendet.

The private placement provided Concordon with a capital injection of $36 million. The company’s fourth-round valuation was $1.45 billion.

Lone Fons Schroeder, CEO of Concordium, stated: Over the past few months we have received a lot of interest from companies and developers from all over the world. The Concordium blockchain code recently became publicly available , allowing developers in general and RustLang developers in particular to build their applications in Concordium.

The use of the tools includes the technical development of the core protocols and tools announced in the current Concordium roadmap, as well as privacy and identity-related functionality.

Concord plans, to launch its Blockchain in June 2021 and will listen its Kryptowährung kurz danach an verschiedenen Kryptowährungsbörsen.

Concordium wants to use blockchain in a very limited way. Die Entwicklung konzentriert sich darauf, einige der Probleme anzugehen, die eine weit verbreitete Nutzung der Technologie bisher behindert haben, und konzentriert sich dabei auf die Bedürfnisse von Entwicklern und Unternehmen und berücksichtigt zukünftige regulatorische Vorschriften.

Users must be identified to open a Concorde Roadblock account. The blockchain enables fast and secure transactions and, unlike other blockchains, has stable transaction costs regardless of fluctuations in the exchange rate of cryptocurrency.

The Concordium blockchain uses the proof-of-stake model to achieve particularly low power consumption. Proof-of-work blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum consume excessive amounts of energy through their mining activities; the energy used to mine Bitcoin has driven down electricity consumption in several medium-sized economies. Concordium’s proof-of-stake model consumes microscopic amounts of energy compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

A propos de Concordion

Concordium est une blockchain publique décentralisée qui résout les inconvénients des blockchains traditionnelles grâce à une identification intégrée de l’utilisateur et à une protection de la connaissance zéro conçue pour remplacer l’anonymat par une protection des données privées. Cette technologie prend en charge les paiements cryptés et permet aux autorités compétentes d’identifier les utilisateurs et de vérifier l’identité des contreparties. La blockchain est basée sur des articles scientifiques examinés par des pairs, ce qui est important pour la sécurité.

Pour plus d’informations, veuillez consulter le site suivant :


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