Crypto bets via Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP are fueling illegal gambling in Asia

The Chinese government has cracked down on illegal gambling, and there are signs that they are succeeding. But the crackdown has inadvertently opened the door to another kind of gambling that is legal but dubious: crypto-based betting. In the past, Chinese citizens have used Bitcoin and other digital currencies to gamble anonymously on sports and other events. But blockchain-based gambling—which uses digital currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum to pay for in-game items and other actions within a game—is now on the rise.

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With crypto betting sites popping up in China, Japan, Korea and other Asian countries, authorities have struggled to stop them since they are unregulated and their numbers explode as the price of virtual currencies rises. In the past month, some Chinese gambling sites have been shut down on the orders of the government. Even though it has been more than a decade since the digital currency Bitcoin was born, gambling websites have taken advantage of its popularity to provide a new way for people to gamble.

One of the biggest losses in the world of cryptocurrencies is that the Blockchain technology to store them on is not yet implemented for large-scale use. This makes the assets vulnerable to hacking that can lead to huge losses (like the recent DAO hack). In order to prevent this kind of theft from happening again, the Ethereum foundation has come up with a solution: the DAO.. Read more about xrp vs bitcoin and let us know what you think.

The adoption of major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP on gambling sites is one of the reasons for the rise in illegal online gambling in Asia, according to a report released earlier this week by the Asian Racing Federation (ARF). Macau’s notorious junkets – companies that act as middlemen for the Chinese high rollers who generate half of the city’s gambling revenue – are rumored to be using cryptocurrencies to transfer money undetected in order to transfer the criminal proceeds of their illegal gambling operations abroad. Online betting sites – for sports, horse racing, esports and gaming – are an extremely lucrative industry, processing billions of dollars in bets each month. In the past, most of them worked with fiat networks like Skrill and Neteller, but the popularity of cryptocurrencies seems to have led to new entrants. International law enforcement and anti-money laundering agencies have pointed out that blockchain and cryptocurrencies facilitate illegal activities, including illegal betting and money laundering, according to the FIA’s quarterly newsletter. She added that these numbers are seven times higher than in 2018.

Bitcoin, XRP and other uses

According to the report, bitcoin, the world’s largest crypto currency by market capitalization, is currently accepted at more than 127 offshore sports betting sites and 284 online casinos. In addition, 780 offshore sites accept one or more of the five major cryptocurrencies, namely bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash and XRP. Since 2018, a total of 229 million users have visited these sites, with 23% coming from places in Asia where online betting and gambling remains illegal or restricted, such as India, Thailand, South Korea, China, Australia and Hong Kong. It has also been found that cryptocurrency betting sites employ agents who actively promote the sites to Asian users through social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp and Instagram. The FIA has noted and warned that illegal operators are introducing and adapting to new technologies at a much faster rate, which poses a threat to regulated betting operators. The reports follow similar concerns raised by the Hong Kong Jockey Club last month. An observer from the People’s Hippic Federation said sites accepting cryptocurrencies are not subject to strict rules, leading to suspicious betting and corruption. Let’s face it – the biggest threat to the integrity of race betting comes from jockeys and trainers who prevent horses from winning and bet on their losses in the illegal market, said Tom Chignell, then head of the club’s Race Integrity and Analysis Unit.

Gaining an advantage in the crypto asset market

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The way some people spend their money is a bit out of the ordinary. They gamble and gamble wildly, then shut themselves in their homes with no light and no way out for months. In Japan, illegal gambling is a billion-dollar industry, which is driven by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Recently, a man lost $1.5 million in one night because his computer crashed. His loss was the biggest in ten years.. Read more about how to buy ripple xrp and let us know what you think.

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