Crypto YouTuber Rug-Pulled His Own Followers, Claims It’s A ‘Social Project’

A YouTube personality named “RugSEO” has been getting a lot of attention recently for a video that he made where he pulls over and rips the rug out from under his own subscribers. In the video, he then describes the rug-pull as a “social project” in which he’s trying to monetize his YouTube channel by selling followers.

Joe Backus, a popular Youtube cryptocurrency YouTuber, recently tore apart his audience, accusing them of being “fed information” from his followers. He also posted a video called “The social experiment” where he pulls rug from underneath his followers. The channel has over 600k subscribers, and in one of his recent posts he claimed that his audience was the cause of his recent financial loss.

Crypto YouTuber Rug-Pulled His Own Followers, Claims It’s A ‘Social Project’ The crypto YouTube scene is known for some of the most well-known personalities on the internet, but in a recent video, one of them is coming under fire from his own fans. Crypto YouTuber Rug-Pulled His Own Followers, Claims It’s A ‘Social Project’ This week, Crypto YouTuber Rug-Pulled His Own Followers, Claims It’s A ‘Social Project’ claims to have pulled the rug out from under his entire following. The video, which has been viewed over six million times, claims that he only pulled his social media accounts after

It is inevitable that people will have an impact on those around them and on their lives throughout their lives. Yet most people want to leave a good impression of themselves and not harm those they come into contact with. Fortunately, the average person doesn’t have much influence over others to begin with. However, this does not apply to influential people, and one of them has recently decided to abuse his power for selfish purposes. Worse, he completely denies doing anything wrong.

What happened?

The man known as Patrick Shue, or TechLead as he calls himself on YouTube, is reportedly a former Google engineer who has created a veritable community on the world’s largest video platform. Since Shue began posting videos, he has managed to acquire over 1.1 million subscribers and recently used them to set up a multi-million dollar plan to skim and siphon off money.

A former Google employee has launched a cryptocurrency called Million token (MM). He used the decentralized Uniswap exchange to launch DEX and offer coins to investors. This all happened last Thursday, the 1st. July.

It certainly had everything a project should have, including a website that described Million as a turnkey crypto-currency. The site further claims that the project has a total fixed inventory of 1 million tokens, and that each of them is backed by a USDC, which is pretty plausible.

Although he has essentially created a Stabelcoin-backed Stabelcoin, he said the project has no cap. In other words, it argued that its price could theoretically rise indefinitely. At launch, the price of the token was $1. However, the price rose 3500% in just 3 days, reaching $36.87 by the end of Sunday.

Since then, the price has dropped significantly to $15.26, a 58% drop. Of course, this price action immediately led to accusations that it was a pump-and-dump scheme, mainly from cryptocurrency twitters. One user, known as DCF GOD, even noted that huge amounts of cash were withdrawn from Uniswap at the address that touched millions of tokens.

One Twitter user claimed that the project eliminates liquidity without a sale, which is essentially a sale without a sale. That way he didn’t have to tell the council what he had done while they were all buying. All he had to do was maintain USDC liquidity of 1 million.

Sew answer

A developer quickly intervened in the conversation and responded to the allegations. He started by calling them absolute FUD and said that’s how liquidity works in Uniswap v3.

Others were quick to respond, claiming that he had not understood the intent of the accusation. Users explained that Shyu had set up a get-rich-quick scheme to take advantage of his followers. He added liquidity when the price was low and removed it when the price rose. This allowed it to make a profit at the expense of investors.

However, this statement went unnoticed as Shu even posted a video on YouTube claiming that he had done nothing wrong and had not cheated his investors by doing what he did. The biggest twist came when he said that MM shouldn’t even be considered an investment because he saw it as a social experiment, which basically proves the allegations and shows that he has no respect for his investors or their money.If you listen to cryptocurrency YouTuber RuggedCrypto, then you won’t have heard about a very large amount of people that he’s pulled from his YouTube channel. It all started when he decided that these people would be a part of his “social experiment”.. Read more about what is crypto trading and let us know what you think.

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