Decentralization: A New Era With A New Financial System

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When the Internet was first introduced, it was seen by most as a technological curiosity. But it quickly evolved into much more than that. The same is true of blockchain technology, and it is already being called one of the most important technological advancements of our time. It is the technology behind the controversial cryptocurrency Bitcoin, but its potential applications extend far beyond the cryptocurrency world. In fact, blockchain technology is poised to completely change the way people do business across a broad range of industries. It has the potential to make everything from global financial transactions to buying a cup of coffee more secure and efficient. It is also likely to fundamentally alter the global economy, perhaps in ways that we can’t even imagine now. By the end of this

Decentralization is the new buzzword in the financial industry. It is a term that has been thrown around quite a lot lately. Many of us even wonder what it means. The truth is that it is not really that complicated. The easiest way to describe it is to say that it is a whole new way of governing a global economy. (This means that there is no single person in charge. Everyone is in charge.) This system uses a type of currency called cryptocurrency. (If you have ever heard of Bitcoin, then you have already been exposed to the concept of cryptocurrency.) This currency is totally digital and is not tied to any one country. It is stored in a digital wallet that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This

The birth of cryptocurrencies was heralded by the concept of a decentralized network, which proved to be far superior to the existing banking system. A decentralized financial system does not need an intermediary, and this mechanism is the greatest advantage of the DeFi over our traditional banking system. The normal method requires you to get permission from the owner of the ISP to perform a task.

Traditional banks are full of mistakes. You can misspell your name, misspell your address or make any other mistake, but with DeFi none of that is possible. Each DeFi system is based on a robust algorithm and is designed for maintenance-free operation. The traditional monetary system needs to be updated periodically.

Source: News from the Etherium world

The chart clearly shows how crypto investments have evolved over the years. DeFi’s crypto-currency-based system is expected to easily reach $200 trillion.

What are the challenges for the DeFi ?

Nothing comes without challenges. DeFi has its own problems, and these have not yet been solved by the majority of the cryptographic community.

  • The first problem of the DeFi is the lack of liquidity. Most cryptocurrency exchanges cannot prevent slippage because they need a lot of time to execute each order placed by the user. Indeed, blockchain poses a scalability problem that no crypto-currency exchange can overcome.
  • Volatility is an important factor affecting the performance of the DeFi. Due to the scalability problem, all crypto currencies are sitting on a cliff and not getting any real transactions. Slow trading disrupts the chain by fluctuating value and increasing volatility.
  • The banking system is supported by the government, while very few states support the existence of cryptocurrencies. There is no organization that offers insurance for cryptocurrencies. While this is a great idea, hackers and security concerns are keeping people from moving forward and adopting cryptocurrencies.

How does Aurix solve these problems?

Aurix is designed to eliminate all these problems and prevent them from interfering with user-initiated transactions. Aurix has been around since 2016 and has managed to develop a platform that could revolutionize the world of crypto-currencies.

  • The Aurix ecosystem supports the use of appropriate technologies in combination with a responsive and efficient design. The capabilities of the platform have been expanded to provide users with many liquid trading pairs. The user can carry out transactions immediately and without problems.
  • Cryptocurrencies are considered volatile, mainly because they cause slippage. Many users have lost profits, but Aurix is changing this scenario. Aurix has developed a system that reduces slippage to zero by reducing volatility.
  • Aurix is a registered company and the security of the platform is world class. The developers have worked day and night to create a familiar and indestructible environment, so that traders can use Aurix without any difficulty or doubt. Hackers have successfully attacked many cryptocurrency exchanges, but Aurix uses many advanced algorithms to counter these attacks.


Cryptocurrencies have huge potential, and Aurix is tapping into that potential with its blockchain capabilities. The Aurix ecosystem has removed all unnecessary obstacles in the path of crypto-currency traders. Aurix’s responsive and tamper-proof design is revolutionary and ultimately Aurix strives to provide a simple and easy experience for its users.

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