Dfyn announces new incentivized liquidity program on Fantom Network

The Fantom Network provides a solution to the liquidity problem plaguing crypto. It is also an excellent tool for decentralizing and democratizing control of large sums of cryptocurrency, thus creating incentives for investment in new projects and eliminating it as a barrier to entry.

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Fantom Network, a blockchain-based platform that allows individuals to create their own cryptocurrencies, has announced the launch of its new incentivized liquidity program. Dfyn is one of the first coins to be listed on Fantom’s new incentive program.

Dfyn, a leading multichain AMM dex platform, has announced a new Fantom-based incentive liquidity program. Dfyn, which was previously only available on Polygon, is about to extend out to the Fantom Network. 

On Fantom, Dfyn will also premiere their unique liquidity mining program, which will enable users to migrate their liquidity and deposit it into the liquidity pool after they’ve joined to the network. 

New pairings qualifying for farming prizes have been announced by Dfyn. 

Dfyn has stated that the new liquidity mining program will begin with a daily reward of 30,000 $DFYN, which will be awarded to keep users interested and invested. DFYN-FTM, USDC-USD, BTC-wETH, and DFYN-USDC are the pairings qualifying for Dfyn farming awards. The company also said that it intends to introduce more pairings in the future. 

The liquidity mining campaign will start on October 26 and will last 30 days until the planned prizes and pairings are reintroduced. The platform will allocate $DFYN 900,000 to the program, which is less than 0.5 percent of the overall supply.

By going to the Chainlist and looking for the Fantom Opera option, users will be able to link their Metamask wallet to Fantom. Similarly, the providers will be able to use Anyswap Bridge to bridge their $DFYN tokens from Ethereum to the Fantom network.

If the tokens are on Polygon, users must first connect them to Ethereum through the Polygon bridge, then to the Fantom network via the Anyswap bridge.

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The “dfyn liquidity mining” is a new program that will be offered by Dfyn. The incentive for this program is to help the cryptocurrency ecosystem grow and prosper.

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