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The demand for cryptocurrency has skyrocketed. With the price of Bitcoin inching closer and closer to $10,000 a coin it can be hard to save your coins without sacrificing a significant amount of cash. Here’s a list of some popular crypto savings options that will let you keep more money in your pocket while still investing heavily.

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The “blockfi” is a crypto savings option that offers users a range of benefits. The “blockfi” can be used to make purchases and withdrawals, but it also gives users the chance to earn interest on their funds.

In order to maximize their investments, a rising number of investors have turned to cryptocurrencies in recent years. This is due to the fact that, when compared to conventional financial outlets like savings accounts and fixed/recurring deposits, digital assets may provide substantially greater yearly percentage rates (APYs).

To put things in perspective, major financial institutions like Citibank, Goldman Sachs, and HSBC now provide annual interest returns of only 0.6 percent, 0.5 percent, and 0.05 percent, respectively. These figures pale in comparison to the APYs given by most crypto savings sites, which typically range from 5% to 15%. In this post, we will attempt to compile a list of the finest crypto savings choices currently accessible. So, without further ado, let us get right to the point.

Bitcom, although being a relatively young competitor in the global digital asset sector, has swiftly established itself as one of the most powerful forces on the market today. The platform, which is best described as a full-suite cryptocurrency exchange, recently launched a savings product called ‘EARN’, available on an app, where clients have the ability to earn an annualized yield ratio. For new and current customers who have not traded futures before May 10, 2022, an APY of 80% is offered. Only USDT is now available for savings at an APY of 80%. If you don’t have USDT, you may simply trade with other cryptocurrencies on their spot market. Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, Chainlink, Bitcoin Cash, and USD Coin are just a few of the assets on which users may earn interest. It’s worth noting that the savings product aims to fulfill’s purpose of promoting global financial innovation and inclusivity. Finally, the platform provides a variety of unique capabilities to its customers, including a trading strategy execution/price discovery module, liquidity providing service, and more.


Crypto Cash

YouHodler, a crypto asset ecosystem located in Europe, has swiftly become a popular choice for many investors, owing in part to its extraordinarily high compound interest rates of up to 12% on a total of 25 cryptocurrencies. YouHodler, like most other comparable services, offers the best profits on stablecoins. 

Users may stake a variety of prominent crypto tokens on the site, including Bitcoin, Chainlink, Ethereum, and others. The app’s underappreciated feature is that it does not compel users to lock up their cryptos for a certain period of time, giving them a lot of financial, operational, and functional freedom. has gained significant popular recognition in recent years, due in part to the company’s expanding list of agreements with organizations like as Formula 1, UFC, FIFA, and others.

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The site provides savings accounts for over 50 cryptocurrencies, including a number of new altcoins. Although APYs vary widely from token to token, assets like as USDC, Polkadot, and Polygon now provide interest rates of 8%, 12.5 percent, and 12%, respectively.



BlockFi, one of the most extensively used savings aggregators on the market today, allows users to earn interest on their crypto assets with relative ease. To clarify, the site provides savings accounts for a total of ten major stablecoins, including USDC, PAX, Tether, and DAI. Users may also stake Bitcoin, Etheruem, and Litecoin to earn consistent payouts, however the APYs on these assets are far lower than their stablecoin equivalents.



Celsius, like BlockFi, is a very profitable crypto loan business. The platform, which is led by Alex Machinsky, the guy who gave the world VoIP technology, has already amassed a capital pool of over $200 million dollars and has roughly 50,000 active addresses. 

While the project’s main architecture is very centralized, it does provide competitive interest rates on a variety of stablecoins and cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, PAX, and others. Finally, the platform enables users to earn weekly interest as well as the opportunity to improve their profits by accepting their interest in CEL, Celsius’ native digital currency.

The “highest apy crypto coin” is a list of the best cryptocurrency savings options for 2022.

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