Here’s why Alchemy’s NFT TOYs are a valuable item to collect, play and trade |

I’m going to be honest: I don’t care that they’re made of plastic. I don’t care that they’re made with PVC. I don’t care that their 100% original designs are based on pieces of discontinued Neo Geo Battle Coliseum arcade boards. They are worth money.

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While the crypto-verse may be in its infancy, the creativity and innovation of those that back it has been truly inspiring. One such company to spring up is Alchemy, whose toys have been a sight to behold in the crypto-community. OK, I don’t want anyone to be confused by my choice of wordplay here, but I’m sure many of you have likely seen the adorable little NFT figures from this company.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored article. Readers are advised to seek further information before taking any action. Read more ‘ Binance’s smart-chain-based Alchemy Toys project, which uses blockchain technology to allow players to collect non-play tokens (NFTs) backed by their own money, solves a major problem that has arisen recently: Most NFTs have little value to their owners, other than being rare digital collectibles found online. The dApp allows users to touch unique NFT TOYs and fuse them into more valuable NFTs, bringing them closer to the game’s treasure chest at every stage. In addition, all TOYS are based on fair value and are supported by a growing game fund. This means that each TOY can be used in the future to earn immediate rewards (paid out in NBB) and accumulate value over time.

What does each TOY NFT do?

Each token symbolizes a portion of the treasure price. Once you have collected and donated all 127 tokens, you will receive most of the treasure in base currency (BNB). Each token therefore has an internal guarantee for future payments. Payments go directly to the NBB, which means users don’t have to sell NFTs to be financially rewarded for their activities. Thus, new unique NFT toys are hit during both actions of the game (worship and fusion). The relevant fees (minus network fees) go 100% into the temple vaults, preventing dilution of the value of the tokens. The tokens are also irreversibly destroyed when used (melt and sacrifice in actions), increasing the intrinsic value of the remaining tokens. On the other hand, the older chits give the player a competitive advantage in determining the winner’s share of the treasure. This encourages collecting and exchanging toys. A suitable market is provided, but other markets may be used (as all toys are ERC721 compliant).

Vodka drinking with mint

Alchemy Toys has its own NFT trading platform, called Minted Vodka, where users can sell, trade, buy and interact with others on digital collectibles. According to Alchemy, Minted Vodka is designed as a flexible NFT market. Users can sell any ERC721-compliant NFT and also trade NFTs. Matching coins will be available in the near future and all transactions will be made with a 2% commission. Minted Vodka has a special relationship with Alchemy Toys. All trade fees automatically go to the game’s treasury. This makes these NFTs even more valuable. For more information, visit Denial: This article was sponsored by Alchemy Toys.

Gaining an advantage in the crypto asset market

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