How DEUS Finance achieves ultra-fast price feeds

We have always supported the idea of a decentralized exchange, but we had to find a way to build the technology that makes this idea a reality. So we built DEUS Finance , a decentralized exchange that extracts the best possible price for the buyer when transacting with the most popular cryptocurrencies. This is a problem that is solved with DEUS Finance’s proprietary price feed technology. This is a problem that is solved with DEUS Finance’s proprietary price feed technology.

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DEUS Finance is a decentralized finance platform that aims to improve the way people buy and sell cryptocurrencies. The DEUS Finance platform is built on DEUS, a cryptocurrency powered by Ethereum network, thus it uses the smart contract technology.

Today’s world is very fast-paced. You travel to one country, and the day after you’re in a completely different place. There’s no better way to do business than by utilizing the latest technologies, especially in the world of cryptocurrency. DEUS Finance is an exchange platform that brings buyers and sellers together by using the latest technologies to achieve ultra-fast price feeds.

Deus and Muon – what’s the connection? Muon can be considered a supercomputer that makes DEUS Finance possible. We feel it is important to explain the relationship between the two projects and answer some common questions.

What is the relationship between Deus and Muon?

The oracle and decks of Deus are built on Muon technology. DEUS Finance needed a fast, reliable and robust Oracle solution to implement its vision of decentralized trading. The solution used by DEUS was not previously available in the industry, prompting the team to develop their own oracle called μPythia. During the development of the Oracle, DEUS worked with the Muon team to develop a network of base nodes on which the Oracle was built. This network is called Muon. Again: Muon is NOT an oracle, it is the zero level network on which the oracle μPythia is built.

Who is the team behind Muon?

Muon was founded by the duo Reza Bakhshandeh and Lafayette Tabor. Reza is known and respected for his extensive work in AI research, and for obtaining a patent on object recognition in 2016. Around 2014, Reza became passionate about cryptocurrencies and currently leads a team of about 12 engineers developing Muon. Lafayette Tabor is the co-founder of Muon. Lafayette is a senior engineer and developer at DEUS Finance. Along with Mahdi Heidari and Hosein Hedayatzadeh, DEUS’s lead developers, they lead a team of about 30 engineers.

Does Muon get a badge?

The Muon token will be the first introduction and implementation of the μRC20 token standard. This token can exist in multiple chains simultaneously, store account balance and transaction data in multiple chains, and pay Muon nodes to validate the data. Follow Muon on Twitter to stay up to date on the release.  

How do I access the Muon token presale?

Committed DEUS users who contribute their tokens to the DEUS system during the unrewarded period will have the option to receive Muon tokens as an airdrop or distribute them in a pre-sale. It should be noted that users who choose to sell privately may receive more Muon tokens than if they had chosen Airdrop. The infusion is expected to take place after the completion of the pre-sale rounds, at the end of the second quarter of 2021. The number of Muon tokens you can expect to receive depends on the amount of your bid, as well as how long your sealed tokens have been locked in the DEUS system. Those who did not bid can still access the Muon presale by filling out the whitelist form. Tell us how you add value to the Muon network and you’ll have a chance to be whitelisted. For more information on Muon, μPythia and the Muon token, click here. You can buy the DEA here. Trade stocks on ETH, xDai and BSC. DEUS V2 is coming, with a new funding system, leveraged transactions, and more.DEUS Finance is an open source project that enables anyone to setup a cryptocurrency trading bot compatible with a variety of exchanges with as little as 10 minutes of effort. The project’s primary purpose is to create a platform for traders to access and interact with a variety of cryptocurrency trading exchanges without the need to become a developer and without needing any proprietary software. In short, DEUS provides a platform for traders to interact with a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges without having to learn any code.. Read more about deus swap and let us know what you think.

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