Huobi wants to send someone to space for its 8th birthday

Huobi, the leading cryptocurrency exchange in China and Korea has announced that it plans to send someone into space on its 8th birthday. The company is offering a draw where one winner will be chosen at random from all of their users who put up 1 BTC (roughly $8700) as the ticket price for this rare opportunity.

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Huobi wants to send someone to space for its 8th birthday. Huobi is a cryptocurrency exchange that has been running since 2013. The company will be celebrating its 8th birthday on September 11th.


Huobi Group, the world’s third-largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, is celebrating its eighth birthday in an unconventional manner.

Huobi informed Cointelegraph on Wednesday that as part of its eighth-anniversary festivities, the business would organize a number of activities, including giveaway promotions and a space flight ticket.

Huobi will run a contest in which one fortunate winner will have the opportunity to journey into space. All Huobi Global users throughout the globe are eligible to enter a free competition, however there are certain restrictions.

“There are still health standards to complete in order to fly to space,” a Huobi official informed Cointelegraph. “These information will be published at a later date.”

The corporation refused to say whose space agency would give Huobi with this space journey, or if it will be provided by a private company such as Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin or Elon Musk’s SpaceX. 

“The message we’re trying to portray with this contest is that space is available to everyone,” the spokesman said. “This symbolizes the openness of cryptocurrencies and Huobi’s platform.”

Huobi’s anniversary festivities will run through late November, and will feature the company’s annual online discussion, the Huobi Summit 2021: Blockchain and Beyond. On November 8, the event will include panel discussions with industry leaders and government officials.

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Alan Greenspan, the former head of the US Federal Reserve, will be among the speakers. Many investors have flocked to cryptocurrencies in pursuit of better dividends, and Greenspan will address global inflation.

Greenspan is a vocal supporter of Bitcoin (BTC), comparing it to the “continental currency,” an early form of money in the United States. In 2019, he again slammed the notion of a central bank digital money.

Huobi shuts down cryptocurrency futures as part of a wind-down for Chinese traders.

Huobi Group co-founder Du Jun said that the firm would continue to extend its worldwide presence, beginning with Turkey and Brazil, to deliver new goods and specialized services. Huobi plans to raise its worldwide staff from 2,300 to 3,000 personnel by the end of 2021 as part of its global development.

Huobi was forced to leave China in late September when the Chinese government imposed yet another significant cryptocurrency prohibition. Huobi’s operations operating outside of China accounted for roughly 70% of trade volumes and revenues as of mid-October.

The “blockchain whispers — telegram” is a company that wants to send someone to space for its 8th birthday. The company has decided to offer the opportunity for people who are interested in going into space, to help fund it with cryptocurrency.

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