Marathon’s Bitcoin Mining Pool Will ‘No Longer Filter Transactions’ — Marapool Begins Signaling for Taproot – Bitcoin News

Marapool, the popular BCH mining pool, has announced that it will begin signaling for Taproot, a new client-side blockchain pruning solution. Taproot is a new blockchain pruning client-side solution that is proposed by Taproot Labs. The open-source protocol prunes old blocks and saves disk space. The protocol is currently running on Bitcoin Cash Testnet, and a release candidate has been released on GitHub.

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After announcing earlier this week that it would allow zero-confirmation transactions on its pool, Bitcoin mining pool Marapool has started signaling for Taproot, a zero-confirmation transaction scheme that’s designed to allow miners to opt out of transaction malleability. The new signaling scheme, which allows zero-confirmation transactions to be processed, also allows miners to opt out of the transaction filtering system that was originally designed to mitigate the exploit that allowed transaction malleability to occur in the first place.

The Bitcoin mining network is currently comprised of over 84,000 mining facilities, known as pools. Of these, almost half are controlled by the Chinese mining pool Bitmain, with almost 20% of the network’s hashing power. In an effort to improve decentralization of mining power in the network, the Datawallet project announced on Wednesday that it will begin signaling for Taproot, an alternative pool that will attempt to split off from the main Bitcoin blockchain and independently mine its own block chain.. Read more about defi token news and let us know what you think.

On Monday, publicly traded mining company Marathon Digital Holdings announced that it had acquired the latest code base from Bitcoin Core developers, including Taproot. According to the announcement, Marathon is now a signal for Taproot. The North American bitcoin miner has also said that the mining operation in Marapool will stop filtering transactions.

Marathon adopts Bitcoin Core version 0.21.1 with Taprootprivacy features

Marathon Digital Holdings (Nasdaq: MARA) has completed a number of transactions in the bitcoin mining sector in 2021. In December 2020, the company announced the purchase of 70,000 Antminer S19 bitcoin miners from Bitmain for $170 million. Last week, Marathon announced that its Compute North production farm in Texas will house 73,000 Marathon extraction devices. Additionally, Marathon recently made headlines for censoring some bitcoin transactions on a mined BTC blockchain. At the time, Marathon informed the public that Marapool had allocated 10.37 exahash for KYC/OFAC compliant mining transactions only. The 31st. However, in May, Marathon said in its Taproot Signal announcement that the bitcoin mining pool would stop filtering transactions. The company announced that North American mining pool Marapool has adopted and implemented Bitcoin Core version 0.21.1. The new version 0.21.1 includes Taproot, which the developers say provides privacy, scaling and other technical improvements. Marathon is committed to the core principles of the Bitcoin community, including decentralization, inclusiveness and freedom from censorship, said Fred Thiel, CEO of Marathon. The company’s mining pool will no longer filter transactions and will begin confirming transactions like all other miners using the default node, the statement said. In the coming week, we will upgrade all of our miners to the full standard Bitcoin core 0.21.1 node, including Taproot support, Thiel said in the announcement. By using the full standard bitcoin core node, we will validate transactions on the blockchain like any other miner using the standard node, the Marathon CEO added.

Root pending activation

Taproot is undergoing an accelerated review, an activation mechanism that began on 1. The month of May has begun. Basically, miners must complete six sub-phases between each difficulty change. During the last difficulty change, over 95% of miners signed up for Taproot activation. The Taproot rule set will go into effect in November and will be introduced by a soft fork at block height 709.632. We look forward to the continued cooperation and support of the Bitcoin community, Thiel added. And to realize Bitcoin’s vision as the first decentralized, peer-to-peer payment network powered by its users, rather than by a central authority or intermediary, he added. What do you think about the fact that Marathon Taproot reported that Marapool would stop filtering transactions? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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