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Melania Trump acknowledges Bitcoin anniversary despite Donald’s disdain


Despite President Trump’s disdain for Bitcoin, US First Lady Melania Trump acknowledged the cryptocurrency by posting a picture of her personal collection on Instagram.

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Melania Trump acknowledged Bitcoin’s 10th anniversary on Wednesday despite her husband, President Donald Trump’s disdain for the digital currency. Read more in detail here: who owns the most bitcoin.

Due to the kind of connection they have with crypto, Peter Schiff and his son, Spencer Shiff, are fairly well-known in the crypto community.

While Peter Schiff has been a loud opponent of Bitcoin and the digital asset business in general, his son has been one of the sector’s most prominent supporters.

We may see a mirror image of the above in the family of Donald Trump, the former President of the United States, who has been an outspoken opponent of the business while his wife, Melania Trump, has showed her support for space in her series of recent actions.

Melania Trump celebrates Bitcoin’s “Birthday” by praising it.

Melania Trump, the former First Lady of the United States, paid tribute to Bitcoin on its 13th birthday, the anniversary of its genesis block being mined for the first time.

Bitcoin’s market capitalization has reportedly surpassed $1 trillion. The Bitcoin Genesis Block’s 13th anniversary is today. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary, #SatoshiNakamoto pic.twitter.com/aZqNJFcZmd #MelaniaNFT


On 3 January 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto, the asset’s pseudonymous developer, mined Bitcoin’s genesis block.

Melania Trump announced her foray into the NFT field a little over two weeks ago, revealing that she will do so by creating an NFT, which is a digital watercolor painting of her own eyes.

This was her first public effort after her husband resigned from politics. The project, she claims, represents her love of art, and the money will be utilized to support her devotion to children via her Be Best campaign.

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According to public information, the Solana-based NFTs are powered by social networking site Parler and cost about 1 Sol (around $173).

Despite backing Melania Trump’s NFT, Donald Trump retains his anti-crypto position.

Despite his outspoken condemnation of the cryptocurrency business, President Trump has not left the marketing of his wife’s NFT to her alone, as he recently participated in the promotion of the NFT during a Fox News interview.

Trump said during the interview that he has never liked cryptocurrency because it is very risky, and that he prefers the dollar over all other currencies. 

Look, I want a currency named the dollar; I don’t want any of the others — and it might lead to an explosion like we’ve never seen before. It’ll make the massive tech boom seem like child’s play. I believe it is a really hazardous situation.

Donald Trump attacks cryptocurrency, claiming that he favors the US dollar. In the meanwhile, his wife is trading NFTs for @solana #Trump2024 #MAGA #NFT https://t.co/O7EUi8j1rx

December 22, 2021 — GUYS WHO HODL (@guyswhohodl)

His position, on the other hand, is illogical, given that his other half would be paid in the Solana blockchain’s native currency for her NFTs (SOL).



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