Nafty Brings Blockchain Solution To Empower Adult Content Creators And Reward Consumers

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The adult content industry is one that is growing in popularity and success. While there are some adult sites that are almost exclusively produced and distributed through the internet, the industry is still largely dominated by offline businesses.

London, England, 7. July 2021,

Nafty, the $97 billion adult industry ecosystem, has officially launched the NAFTY token and three adult content platforms. Through his various platforms, Nafty wants to change the way adult content is sold and how people interact with their fans.

Nafty partners with famous adult sex stars to make their exclusive 18+ content available in their ecosystem.

To date, Nafti has launched four platforms:

  1. A blockchain-based fan club platform that offers lower prices, better payment solutions and integrated marketing tools.
  2. A subscription platform that allows adult content creators to charge a monthly/annual fee for exclusive content.
  3. NFT Marketplace for creators and artists of adult erotica. This gives creators access to a long-term income stream.
  4. A modern payment solution for the adult sector. It allows you to make payments and withdrawals with Nafty tokens on any platform and redeem them for any cryptocurrency.

NAFTY is the native token for the entire ecosystem. During the presale, NAFTY tokens worth 1,000 BNB sold out in less than 53 minutes. The token is based on the Binance blockchain and can be traded on Pancakeswap.

NAFTY holders receive passive income from transaction fees charged in the ecosystem. You can also use it to give advice to creators, buy NFTs, advertise on Nafty platforms, pay subscriptions on and influence the roadmap of Nafty projects.

Nafty eliminates the producers, agencies and other middlemen who receive a significant portion of the creators’ income. It allows creators of adult projects to monetize their fan base directly through the blockchain.

Nafty ecosystem platforms have built-in marketing tools to help creators grow their fan base. Creators can encourage each other and use an affiliate program to attract outside visitors. You no longer have to worry about the platform banning or discouraging adult content.

Since the large payment processors have banned the adult sector, payment services targeting this segment charge unreasonably high fees. Nafty dramatically reduces payment processing costs for makers by using the blockchain and its proprietary NAFTY token. They are also calling on third-party platforms to join the ecosystem and liberalize restrictions on adult payments.

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We are proud and excited to have developed a platform ecosystem that, with the NAFTY token, puts the power and earning potential in the hands of creators, says Rob Kemenifi, CEO of Nafty.

About Nafti

Nafty is NSFW’s decentralized ecosystem that empowers content creators via blockchain. It eliminates the middleman, offers low-cost payment solutions and marketing tools that help authors build a fan base. NAFTY is a management token in the ecosystem.

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Register now on Binance, add 50$ and get 100$ bonus voucher!

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