Newly-Launched NFT Marketplace LooksRare Eclipses OpenSea In 7-Day Trading Volume

In just 7 days, OpenSea has seen a dramatic fall in trading volume. That’s because Rare is the new kid on the block and many people are trying to get their hands on some of its first digital collectibles. With a $1 billion valuation early September, it appears that Rare could be poised for success while OpenSea struggles to keep up with demand from traders worldwide.

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The “opensea nft” is a newly-launched NFT marketplace that looks to eclipse the open sea in 7-day trading volume.

LooksRare, an NFT platform based on Ethereum, launched on Monday and attracted a number of users. Within the first 24 hours of its inception, the market’s trading volume skyrocketed, overtaking competitors like NFT juggernaut OpenSea.

According to market rankings collected by DappRadar, the platform now leads in 1hr, 24hr, and 7-day trading volume. Antonio Brown’s mid-game exit on January 2nd is expected to be certified as an NFT, which is another story making headlines this week. Below are more information on this and other major news items:

As OpenSea surpasses $2 billion in sales, PhantaBear NFTs are highlighted.

According to their contribution to the sector’s development, well-known individuals have quite a substantial influence on the NFT landscape. EzekClub’s PhantaBear is the most recent NFT initiative to gain from a superstar’s influence.

OpenSea’s PhantaBear NFT collection

The BAYC ape collection was dethroned by the NFT collection, which was promoted by Taiwanese singer-songwriter Jay Chou. 10,000 NFTs that were produced by an algorithm at the start of the year are included in the PhantaBear collection. These NFTs’ value initially reached its high on Sunday (average price: 7.3975 ETH), then had a small decline before reaching a new top on Tuesday (average price: 7.8717 ETH).

As of this writing, 23.3k ETH had been exchanged on OpenSea through PhantaBear. The collection likely contributed to OpenSea’s traded volume (Ethereum) rising past the $2 billion mark and surpassing last August’s record monthly volume of $3.4 billion.

According to data from Dune Analytics, the volume hit $2.1 billion on Monday, setting up a $6 billion month.


Monthly volume for OpenSea (Ethereum)

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While the OpenSea Polygon Monthly volume has its sights set on $400,000, the trading volume for Ethereum is already surpassing $2.67 billion.

To collapse OpenSea, LooksRare conducts a vampire onslaught.

LooksRare marketplace, the newest competitor vying to unseat market titan OpenSea at the top of the rankings, began on Monday with a token airdrop.

LooksRare launched a vampire assault on OpenSea using its newly introduced LOOKS token in an effort to entice the high rollers away from it. Any collector who transacted more than 3 ETH in NFTs on OpenSea between June 16 and December 16 was eligible for the token airdrop, according to the marketplace.


In terms of 24-hour sales volume, LooksRare is top.

Soon after its introduction, the market began to bite, and since then, $1.05 billion in sales have been made. LooksRare has logged a volume that is greater than any other marketplace throughout this time. With $555.7 million, LooksRare also tops the 24 hour list. OpenSea is second with $163.3 million, or less than half of what LooksRare has generated.

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, LooksRare has made a commitment to indexing all NFTs there so that users may list, purchase, and trade them. Additionally, it has several highly regarded collections, such as Doodles, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, and Boring Ape Yacht Club.

Antonio Brown’s epic walkout became an NFT that is being auctioned off

Even Antonio Brown could not have predicted that the moment when he left the game midway between his team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the New York Jets would be captured in an NFT. That’s what recently occurred, I suppose!

The former Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown left the game early in week 17’s game at MetLife Stadium after taking off his jersey and other items. The event generated a lot of buzz and spread quickly on social media, with several news organizations covering it.

After the event, Viral Heirs made it known that they had secured the only right to produce an NFT of the video. It will be possible to “possess that moment in an NFT auction that will forever redefine the Memorabilia landscape,” according to Viral Heirs, who are planning an auction for the NFT.

The auction begins today, and according to sources, the movie, which has had over 11.6 million views, might fetch up to $1.5 million.

The wide receiver, who is currently a free agent, was let go by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The newly-launched NFT Marketplace looksRare eclipses OpenSea in 7-day trading volume. The market has seen a total of $1,878,000 USD worth of trades since its launch on October 2nd. Reference: looks rare nft.

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