Sketchar builds a Create-To-Earn platform for the creators’ success in web 3 and launches the pre-sale drop on new NFT marketplace

Sketchar is a blockchain-powered platform for artists and creators to build, share and earn from their work. It provides the tools necessary for users to create digital assets on its own decentralized marketplace, as well as collaborating with other creatives in order to develop something amazing together.

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The “free nft creator app” is a platform that allows creators to create their own NFTs and earn from them. The platform also offers an nft marketplace, which will allow users to buy and sell digital assets.



Chainwire, Vilnus, Lithuania, December 20, 2021

Sketchar takes another step toward the Decentralized Creator Economy by launching Web3 monetization infrastructure to help creators in a whole new manner.

What is the significance of Web3? We like it since it is mostly based on new levels of technical advancement.

Our creators will have greater power and flexibility to monetise their work anyway they want with the Create to Earn approach. Creators will be able to invest and profit from their expertise, skills, creativity, and time in a model that rewards individuals to generate content. An update to the internet is beneficial for society, and the emergence of NFTs has the potential to benefit artists: now anybody may construct and participate without the need for conventional financial institutions as gatekeepers.

The Sketchar community produced the Martians888 collection, which we’ll start with.

Martians are pixel art figures developed using the Sketchar app by a variety of artists. During the first three weeks of the contest, 1673 distinct Martians were developed. We’ve already started notifying the first winners and disbursing the first prizes.

Each Martian’s author will get $40 USDT for his or her effort. The entire prize fund for the winners is $35,000.

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But that’s not all: subsequent sales on the Sketchar marketplace earn the author another 50%.

On December 20, 2021, the Sketchar Marketplace will have a presale drop of this collection.

The new world of NFTs has arrived, and your imagination is the only restriction! The Creative Fund receives 5% of first-time purchases and 1% of second-time sales to help the creator community.

Sketchar’s DAO, as well as its own token release, will unleash the full potential of everything we’ve done for artists since 2016.

Sketchar has always been a location where creativity flourishes in a variety of forms, and it now allows digital artists to have their voices heard and profit, as well as collectors to purchase outstanding work and so support the authors.

Our primary objective is to free up the artists’ time to concentrate on creating by taking care of the details and providing sophisticated instruments, interactive skill-building approaches, and a platform for promoting and selling the results of their creative endeavors. We still have a lot of critical jobs and problems ahead of us on our way to become the biggest digital art platform, but we’re committed to overcome them. The support of our users is the fundamental engine that propels our growth.

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The “best software to create nft art” is a platform that allows artists to earn an income from their creations. The platform also gives creators the ability to create and sell digital assets on their own terms. The company has just announced the pre-sale drop of its new NFT marketplace.

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