Small Bitcoin whales may be keeping BTC price from ‘capitulation’ — analysis

Small Bitcoin whales may be holding the price of BTC up, while larger holders cash out. This could mean a much more volatile market in the coming years as smaller traders are always looking to sell at a high point and small speculators begin to play a bigger role.

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The “bitcoin whales list” is a tool that allows users to see who owns the most bitcoins. The top 10 bitcoin holders are shown, with their holdings in millions of dollars. This may be keeping BTC price from going down.

Bitcoin (BTC) might yet face a significant price drop, but evidence shows that more whales must sell first.

On May 27, on-chain analytics platform CryptoQuant noted more pessimistic whale behavior in one of its regular QuickTake market reports.

Selling small whales should result in “complete surrender.”

Some of Bitcoin’s top holders are displaying indications of impatience, despite general agreement that BTC/USD should make a lower bottom than its pivot price of $23,800 on May 12.

Binh Dang, a CryptoQuant contributor, saw an increase in selling from the top cohort since April while looking at unspent transaction outputs (UTXOs) from distinct “bands” of whale wallets.

The “big” whales, those with $1 million or more, have increased their coin distribution, while lesser whales, those with less than $1 million, have been slower to move their position.

“We still witnessed accumulation after the fall at the end of January since all of the leading value bands moved up,” Dang noted. “However, from April 21st until today, huge whales (range above 1M$ – USD) have been dispersing and do not receive any signals to accumulate currently.”

“I believe we will witness full surrender and bottom if smaller whales and stores quit up. If not, I’ll keep a watch on good price moves in the $1M zone for a reversal.” 

The realized supply of huge whales is rapidly dwindling, according to an accompanying graph, with $100,000-$1 million whales just recently starting to follow pace.

The $10,000-$100,000 and $1,000-$10,000 bands, on the other hand, showed no indications of surrender.

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“The spread of giant whales continues. Minor ones, as well as shops, are on the defensive “Julio Moreno, CryptoQuant’s chief on-chain analyst, told Cointelegraph in private remarks.

Meanwhile, data from Glassnode, another on-chain analytics service, indicated a reduction in the number of organizations that qualify as whales.

The dispersal of whales has accelerated since April, and as of May 27, global whale populations were at their lowest since July 2020.

Small-Bitcoin-whales-may-be-keeping-BTC-price-from-capitulationBTC/USD chart of Bitcoin entities having a balance greater than 1,000 BTC. Glassnode is the source of this information.

Keep an eye out for loudness triggers.

Whale purchase levels provided critical support targets below $27,000 earlier in May.

Bitcoin is ‘good to move up’ after hitting its lowest price since the Terra meltdown.

These were of importance to Whalemap, an on-chain monitoring resource, in the aftermath of the first May 12 decline.

Following that, researchers discovered that capitulatory occurrences like the one predicted for BTC/USD necessitated coins moving at both a profit and a loss in large volumes.

“Both profits AND losses were larger than normal on May 12th,” read part of an explanation tweet, which included a graphic showing moving profit/loss (MPL) data.

“In December 2018, comparable MPL action was present (but on a much greater scale), which was an excellent illustration of capitulation.”

According to Cointelegraph, the amount of on-chain transactions increased significantly this week.

1653640448_1_Small-Bitcoin-whales-may-be-keeping-BTC-price-from-capitulationAnnotated chart of Bitcoin moving profit/loss (MPL) vs. BTC/USD. Whalemap/Twitter is the source of this information.

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The “bitcoin price crash” is a situation where the cryptocurrency market will experience a significant drop in value. It can also be referred to as a capitulation, which is when the market experiences an over-reaction and drops significantly.

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