Sony Partners with Theta Labs for 3D Visuals in the Metaverse

Sony announced today it has partnered with theta Labs to bring 3D visuals into the Metaverse. The partnership comes after Sony’s recent acquisition of cloud gaming outfit ForwardWorks, which is owned by Theta Labs’ investors and advisors.

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The “theta cryptocurrency and the metaverse” is a partnership between Sony and Theta Labs. This will allow people to have 3D visuals in the Metaverse.



Non-fungible tokens have gotten a lot of attention, and entertainment companies are looking at how they may utilize them to improve audience visual engagement. NFTs are already available in three dimensions, and Sony wants to be the firm that takes these digital assets to the next level.

Sony joins forces with Theta Labs.

Sony said in a news release that it would collaborate with Theta Labs (THETA) on its newest 3D NFT venture. These NFTs will be employed in Sony’s Spatial Reality Display, according to the entertainment business.

The Sony Spatial Reality Display is a screen with high-speed vision sensors. The system tracks eye movements and creates 3D graphics depending on the locations of the eyes. The gadget does not support the use of goggles or other eyewear.

The gadget will be available for purchase around the end of 2020, with a retail price of roughly $5000. According to Theta Labs, the parties interested in the project’s pilot phase will be involved in a scenario in which non-fungible tokens “representing any in-world digital object, avatar, or collectable may be represented and shown in glasses-free 3D mixed reality form.”

According to Theta Labs, this adjustment would improve the metaverse’s graphics. The business claims that 3D visualizations will give the metaverse “a new realism and a tangible presence.”

NFTs from Theta Labs will also be used in the project. The NFTs will have 10 variations of the “Tiki Guy” token. The 10 tokens will be used to redeem the Sony Capital Reality Display gadget for owners with a US shipping address.

The Tiki masks associated with ancient Hawaiian and Polynesian civilizations inspired the design for these NFTs. These masks are handcrafted and embellished with wood. They were employed to battle bad spirits and symbolise deities.

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The Sony Spatial Reality Display, according to Theta, would provide a new and wonderful experience incorporating NFTs. “NFTs and virtual experiences will be shown in a whole new manner,” according to the exhibit.

The NFTs with mask themes will be utilized to demonstrate the future capabilities of Sony’s Spatial Reality Display. Collectors would be able to access the digital metaverse “in a totally 3D accessory-free fashion,” according to Theta Labs.

People without access to 3D display devices will be able to see traditional screens using 2D counterparts, according to the business. The agreement, according to Theta Labs, will allow NFTs to represent anything in the actual world to be visualized and shown in a glasses-free 3D mixed reality manner. This will “give the metaverse a new realism and a tangible presence.”

Sony’s cryptocurrency foray

Sony’s music and entertainment departments have gotten into the NFT and crypto markets. NFTs were “simply the newest technique,” according to the business, to demonstrate the expanding acceptance of metaverse-related technologies.

Sony is also working on a “Baby Shark” token in collaboration with Pinkfong in South Korea. It has also been successful with superman NFTs. Snowcrash, a trading platform for NFTs tied to Bob Dylan, established a relationship with Sony and Universal in April.

Theta Labs is also involved in NFT. Samsung has agreed to collaborate with the firm on the introduction of a range of NFTs. The NFTs were supposed to announce the debut of two new Samsung smart gadgets. Customers who pre-booked and pre-ordered devices in South Korea were eligible for the commemorative NFTs.

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The “metaverse infrastructure crypto” is a new partnership between Sony and Theta Labs. This partnership will allow for the creation of 3D visuals in the metaverse.

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