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PRESS RELEASE: SoStrategy’s Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform expands its development reach by partnering with C# Corner, the world’s largest and most active C# developer group.

2. April 2021, London, UK – s.a.? s.a. Stratis is another milestone as it works with the company, s.a. C# Corner, a community of over 3M members working to improve software knowledge and technology. Stratis’ focus on using Microsoft technologies, particularly the C# programming language, means that many programmers around the world will now gradually develop and maintain blockchain technologies using Stratis.

The partnership will impact a number of activities over the coming months, starting with a dedicated Stratis blockchain development team that will focus on developing practical cases with Stratis. The C# Corner development team will work to provide multiple solutions to finally demonstrate the power of the Stratis platform.

In addition, Stratis will host a quarterly hackathon in partnership with C# Corner, with cash prizes for those who participate in demonstrating blockchain use cases using Stratis’ Smart Contract solution. Stratis aims to build a large network of developers capable of designing, building and deploying functional applications on the Stratis platform. The growth of a rich and knowledgeable community of developers will undoubtedly drive adoption and development.

The partnership also includes the long-awaited Certified Stratis Blockchain Expert (CSBE) certification program for architects deploying Stratis blockchain solutions. The certification ensures that the individual has a thorough understanding of the basic concepts and feasibility of blockchain, and demonstrates the best practices established by Stratis’ core development team.

In addition, Stratis will have its own section in the C# Corner training area where those interested in blockchain development can improve their skills with guidance from instructors.

Angle C#: Microsoft stack specific community

Founded in 2000 and with over 2,800 sites worldwide, The C# Corner is one of the largest online communities for C# and .NET developers. C# Corner reaches approximately 5 million developers monthly and provides daily news on software development. C# Corner has 1.2 million followers on Facebook and several thousand on Twitter and other social media.

C# Corner members publish daily updates to learn and create better software. Participants share their knowledge through articles, blog posts, forum questions and career advice. C# Corner also provides educational content such as videos, tutorials, and live shows, and hosts some of the most popular developer conferences in the world. The C# Corner MVP program recognizes and rewards the best technical experts and thinkers in the field and promotes them on its platform and social media.

Experienced Microsoft developers lead the C# Corner team, which includes several Microsoft MVPs, regional managers and certified trainers. Mahesh Chand, founder of C# Corner, is a 14-time vice president of Microsoft and former regional manager of Microsoft. Mahesh is also a published author and has published half a dozen books in C# and .NET.

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Stratosphere and beyond

In recent years, Stratis has built a versatile and feature-rich platform based on Microsoft’s flagship software platform, .NET Core. The platform can now be used to create blockchain solutions in a trusted environment.

By using an alternative consensus algorithm known as proof of authority, Stratis’ BaaS technology can be scaled up to handle much more bandwidth than other blockchain-based solutions. A defined set of distributed block providers allows for rapid validation and processing of transactions, resulting in lightning fast turnaround times. Stratis’ solution offers arbitrary scalability and is therefore congestion-free, resulting in pre-determined and known transaction costs and eliminating the risk of volatile costs when interacting with the blockchain.

For example, $4.1 billion was spent on solutions worldwide last year, and now all sectors are exploring the benefits that blockchain technology offers. Stratis offers the easiest way to get started with various offerings built in the most widely used programming language, C#.

About Stratis

As a result, Stratis offers unprecedented levels of security, reliability and performance through the use of blockchain. The platform’s native C# ecosystem allows companies around the world to leverage existing IT infrastructure and tools to implement blockchain technology, and enables the average developer to access Stratis’ blockchain capabilities in a familiar language.

  • Microsoft Focus:.NET Core Framework is the only blockchain platform that provides complete Microsoft solutions.
  • Stratis Identification:Decentralized KYC and AML verification makes it easier for organizations to verify the identity and compliance of their customers.
  • Supply Trust:offers a turnkey solution for supply chain management that provides full visibility into a transparent and decentralized environment.
  • PlatformSTO :? So, digital securities that comply with the regulations for companies launching STOs.
  • Stratis Smart Contracts :]Therefore, robust and auditable digital contracts, developed in the industry-standard Microsoft C# language, are suitable for the DeFi era.

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