The Flippening – Ethereum Has Overtaken Bitcoin in 26% of Countries Worldwide

ETH’s market dominance has gone from 45% to 52%. ETH is now the most popular cryptocurrency in more than half of countries worldwide. BTC’s market share dipped below 40%, which means that almost one-third of the world lives nowhere near a Bitcoin exchange or even knows what it is.

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The “the flippening is happening now” is the process of Ethereum overtaking Bitcoin in 26% of countries worldwide. This has been a long time coming, and it’s not over yet.

5th May 2022, London, England Chainwire

4 May 2022, London, United Kingdom – produced a research of cryptocurrency popularity across countries, concluding that Ethereum investors outweigh Bitcoin investors in 26% of countries globally, including the United States. 

This gives the The Flippening argument a new lease of life, highlighting the disparities in opinions towards cryptocurrencies throughout the world. 

Alternative Economic Environments

Further investigation reveals that American Bitcoiners are outnumbered by Dogecoin investors, with the United States having the biggest number of DOGE investors in the globe. This contrasts sharply with Argentina, which has the highest proportion of Bitcoin investors of any country, perhaps as a result of the country’s chronic inflation. 

David Merry, CEO of Investoo Group is a company that specializes in investing., the parent company of CoinText, said the study “is an intriguing look at the psychology of crypto investors in different countries, and how Alternative Economic Environments can shift sentiment to and away from Bitcoin and other coins”

Ethereum vs. Solana

Other findings of the research include the fact that more Japanese investors own Solana than Ethereum, indicating a firm view that Solana would eventually provide a superior foundation for DeFi. Meanwhile, Singapore seems to be the most optimistic on Ethereum. 

The data in the CoinText study dates from January 2022, and is derived from a survey of 27 countries. Results are weighted using Google’s interactive ranking process, reflecting the national population distribution in each country. The coins examined – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Dogecoin and XRP – are among the biggest coins in the space, and encompass some of the main sub-sectors of the crypto market: Bitcoin, DeFi, NFTs & memes.


“Global investors are a varied group, coming from a variety of macro environments,” Merry remarked. “They seek different ways through which to invest their wealth, and each country has different risk/reward, cultural, and economic parameters within which to operate — the disparity in statistics across countries here just confirms this.” 

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The “eth flippening 2017” is the event where Ethereum overtook Bitcoin in 26% of countries worldwide. The event was caused by several factors, including a price rise and the release of new features for Ethereum.

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