These Bitcoin tweets were way ahead of their time

Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that is the subject of this post, is a digital currency that was invented in 2009 by an unknown person using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. For as long as Bitcoin has existed, there have been many questions surrounding how exactly it works, and what the ultimate end game may be. One reason why this cryptocurrency has been gaining so much attention over the past few years has been the tremendous growth in its value.

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In 2010, @Bitcoin started tweeting about the cryptocurrency. In 2011, @BitcoinGold was tweeting about the cryptocurrency. In 2012, @Bitcoin_2020 was tweeting about the cryptocurrency. In 2013, @BitcoinCash was tweeting about the cryptocurrency. In 2014, @XRP_official was tweeting about the cryptocurrency. In 2015, @Ripple_XRP was tweeting about the cryptocurrency. In 2016, @Ripple_Ltd was tweeting about the cryptocurrency. In 2017, @Ripple_XRP was tweeting about the cryptocurrency. In 2018, @Ripple_Ltd was tweeting about the cryptocurrency.

It’s always interesting to dig into the archives of what is considered to be the future, and with this, we are talking about Bitcoin. A lot of people are very familiar with this digital currency, and there is one tweet that is worth checking out. It was tweeted back in 2011. And, in it, the Tweeters were predicting that Bitcoin would be worth $1000 by 2013.. Read more about coindesk and let us know what you think.

Bitcoin was born in 2009. More than a decade later, we are now looking at the myriad developments that have created a surrounding industry full of other blockchains, assets and solutions. Some people experienced bitcoin (BTC) in its early days, while others have jumped on the bandwagon to varying degrees since then. If you look at the history of Twitter, you will find tweets that are way ahead of their time. In 2010, a Twitter user saw the potential of bitcoin, but was skeptical about its future. They had no idea how ubiquitous the term bitcoin has become, and it has been the subject of countless interviews and stories in the mainstream media. I just discovered it on It probably won’t leave the geeks’ area of interest, but it presents some very interesting ideas about electronic money systems. – Jacob Farkas (@farktronix) 16. November 2010 Someone else on Twitter thought they were behind the game in 2010! The tweet says the release date is 1. December 2010. That day’s bitcoin price candle peaked at around $0.23 per BTC, according to TradingView’s BraveNewCoin BTC Liquid Index. By comparison : Bitcoin reached over $60,000 per coin in April 2021. I may be a little late, but bitcoin is definitely the second most interesting thing I’ve discovered lately. – Ivor Paul (@Apie) 1. December 2010 Another Twitter user traded in his Christmas gift for a digital asset in 2011. If they held BTC until 2021, their decision likely resulted in a significant percentage gain, given the price movement since then. That’s it! Time to cash in my IRC Christmas gift cards for bitcoins. #Nearly the entire extended family is fascinated. – Andrew Miller (@socrates1024) December 30, 2011 And the final piece of this part of the story is a Twitter post from 2009 from the late Hal Finney, who was involved with bitcoin from the beginning. This retro tweet appeared on the 21st. January 2009, shortly after the launch of Bitcoin’s Genesis block on the 3rd. January 2009. Since then, assets like Monero (XMR) have popped up claiming more privacy. Exploring ways to increase the anonymity of bitcoins – halfin (@halfin) January 21, 2009Back in 2011, when Bitcoin was first getting a foothold in the world of online currencies, it was still considered something of a niche item. Business Insider for example was still covering the topic in a very positive fashion, and the Bitcoin price was $20 at that time.. Read more about time magazine bitcoin and let us know what you think.

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