Top 7 NFT Games That You Can Play to Win Crypto

If you’re an experienced gamer who’s looking for an exciting new hobby, you might have heard about NFT games and wondered if you should give one a try. You may be wondering what these are, and how they’re different from regular video games. In short, NFT stands for “non-fungible tokens,” and refers to virtual, digital objects that have unique attributes and can be traded like cryptocurrencies.

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If you are someone who is interested in blockchain technology or crypto, chances are that you have come across the concept of Non-Fungible Tokens—otherwise known as NFTs. These unique tokens are set apart from the rest of the pack in that they are not divisible and therefore not interchangeable with other tokens. Collectible items like Beanie Babies and baseball cards are examples of tokens that are fungible. However, if you were to compare an individual baseball card to another baseball card, there would be differences in the condition of each card.

Most of us know that the answer to the question “What is blockchain?” is “The blockchain is a shared ledger of records in which transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency are recorded chronologically and publicly.” What we might not know is that blockchain-based games are a great way to learn about the technology, and to earn some tokens at the same time! Here are 7 NFT games that will have you mining for tokens in no time!

Playing video games can be a great way to escape while providing an interesting and engaging experience. Getting paid to play video games would be even better! Thanks to blockchain, the same technology behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and digital assets, you can now earn cryptocurrencies by playing a growing list of the most popular new video games. NFT games allow players to earn cryptocurrencies by winning battles or tournaments, or by selling in-game assets for profit on NFT exchange sites. If this sounds like a hobby you’d like to pursue, read on to learn more about seven NFT games that allow players to earn cryptocurrency.

What are NFT games?

NFT games are blockchain-based games in which game assets are tokenized so that players can collect them in the form of non-playable tokens (NFTs). Some of these games reward players with cryptocurrencies, while others allow players to collect in-game NFTs, which can then be sold for a potential profit. Blockchain technology enables decentralization and gives control back to the players. For example, players who have a native token from a game platform may vote. Traditionally, the gambling companies held all the purse strings. They collected a lot of money from in-game transactions, but the players never own the items they bought. But blockchain games are changing that. When you buy an item in a blockchain game, you own it and can do whatever you want with it. Thanks to the NFT boom, more and more blockchain-based gaming projects are emerging, indicating that this could be the future of gaming.

The best NFT games

Below is a list of seven popular NFT games that allow players to win cryptocurrencies.

Axi Infiniti

Axie Infinity is an Ethereum-based blockchain game featuring charming creatures called Axies, launched in 2018. No two axes are the same. Every person is unique, with strengths and weaknesses due to their genes. There are over 500 Axi body parts, meaning players can use any number of combinations of body parts. Axii’s categories include animals, plants, insects, reptiles, aquatic animals and birds, and these virtual creatures can be common, rare, extremely rare or legendary. The goal of this game is to breed, raise and fight axes. You can also trade Axis on the market with other players. In addition, players can earn Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) tokens during play. AXS is a control tile in the game that gives players the right to vote on important decisions. It is also used as a means of payment in the Axian market. Players will soon be able to place AXS bets and win more chips. The game developers will be adding more features soon, such as Axie Battle and Axie Land. Axie Infinity was co-founded by Trung Nguyen and Thu Doan. word-image-5431


CryptoKitties was one of the first blockchain games. The game allows players to collect and breed virtual kittens that live on the Ethereum blockchain. Players can sell CryptoKitties on the platform’s trading floor or on major NFT trading platforms. Believe it or not, collecting and breeding digital cats is a popular hobby. In 2017, for example, the popularity of the game caused the Ethereum network to become overloaded and in the news. CryptoKitties are still popular today, with daily sales exceeding $30,000, according to NonFungible. Each kitten is unique. You can get CryptoKitty by buying him on the market or by breeding two kittens together. Players can unlock rare attributes by breeding. You can also earn rewards by building up a cat collection. Once you’ve built your collection, you can take your cats to the KittyVerse where they can participate in cat fights. You can also solve puzzles together with other players. Dapper Labs developed a game on Ethereum and released it in November 2017. word-image-5432


Sorare is an NFT fantasy football game. Instead of playing traditional fantasy football games, you can switch to Sorare, where you win prizes by beating other managers. You can create and manage your own virtual team of NFT digital playing cards. The cards are officially licensed and represent a real player in a particular season. The digital cards in this game have different levels of rarity: unique, super rare and rare. When you collect a card, you become the rightful owner and can sell it to other players. You can also use the five-card team in the SO5 game and earn points based on their performance in real life. Sorare tracks the individual performance of players in 23 leagues. The developers of Sorare are Nicolas Julia and Adrian Monfort. The game was released in 2018. Sorare is a popular Ethereum-based NFT game with total daily ticket sales of approximately $159,000. word-image-5433

Gods unleashed

Gods Unchained is another blockchain game where you earn cryptocurrencies by playing games. The game is directed by the former game director of Magic: The Gathering Arena, Chris Clay. In this Ethereum-based game, players collect digital cards and use them to compete against other players. To win games, players must be strategic by assembling a deck with different tactics. If you win ranked matches, you get Flux, which you can use to make high-quality maps. You can then trade these high value cards for cryptocurrencies on the platform’s marketplace. The total daily turnover of Gods Unchained cards is about $10,000. The developer of the game is an Australian company, Immutable. In its first round of funding in 2018, the company received $2.4 million from several investors, including Coinbase Ventures. Immutable also raised $15 million in a second round of funding in 2019. Gods Unchained was playable in a closed beta in late 2018. Then in July 2019, the beta was opened to the public. By that time, the game had already raised about $4 million in sales and sold 4 million trading cards. word-image-5434

F1 Intermediate

F1 Delta Time is an NFT game on Ethereum for F1 fans. In the game, players collect unique vehicles, drivers and parts that appear as NFTs in the game. Each token has a set of statistics that influence the behavior of the vehicle or driver. The game also has an ERC-20 token called REVV that acts as currency in the game. Players can also bet on their NFTs to earn REVVs. F1 Delta Time offers several features, including a Grand Prix mode where players can race, a Time Trial mode to test their settings, and an Elite Time Trial mode where you can win prizes. The game also includes a workshop where players can outfit their vehicles with parts and their drivers with equipment. The developer and publisher of this game is Animoca Brands. word-image-5435

Developing countries

Evolution Land is a virtual simulation game. The planet has 26 continents and the main elements are fire, earth, gold, water, wood and silicon. Players can play with or against each other in activities such as construction, mining, exploration and PvP. So far, the developers have built two continents: Atlantis (based on Ethereum) and Byzantine (based on Tron). Players collect and breed apostles, who have different talents determined by their genes. Some apostles are less common than others. Talent is developed through training, and the apostles have many career options. Players can trade in-game goods such as land and apostles at the market. One of the game’s tradable tokens, KTON, gives holders the right to vote through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Players will also receive a 70% share of the game’s proceeds. The game’s creator, EvolutionLand, has developed Darwinia Network, a public blockchain for the gaming industry. word-image-5436

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ChainZ Arena

ChainZ Arena is a cross-blockchain idle-mining role playing game. It runs on Tron, EOS and Ethereum, with players having the choice of one of the three chains. Players can also extract SOUL chips during the game or offline. SOUL is available on all three blockchains. In the game, players collect heroes to fight demons and bosses in a legendary arena. You can also equip your heroes with items from the forge to improve their status. The game rewards players daily for their ranking in the arenas. Players can bet with SOUL chips and receive winnings in EOS, TRX or ETH. The Game Market is a place where players can trade their heroes. MOBOX is the company that developed ChainZ Arena. Online gaming now has new financial incentives, thanks to the power of NFT. For more information on non-functional tokens (NFT), click here. word-image-5437NFT games are a fascinating addition to the world of crypto collectibles. NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. Because each one of these digital items is unique, they are each special, unlike the digital items we’ve come to collect in the past. NFT is also short for the phrase “non-fungible token”. Collecting crypto-based digital assets is now a thing.. Read more about best nft plays and let us know what you think.

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