Twitter CEO Reveals What Inspires Him to Support Bitcoin

The Twitter CEO announced last month that he will be joining the board of directors of Bitcoin SV, a hard fork of Bitcoin Cash. He was very clear that he does not support Bitcoin Cash as currently implemented, as he believes it is not the BCH that he originally envisioned.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey told an audience at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, that he was inspired to become an early Bitcoin adopter because of the potential benefits of a decentralized currency.

Jack Dorsey was recently interviewed by Robert Scoble on his YouTube show Scobleizer. The Twitter chief executive officer discussed the role of Bitcoin in the company’s decision to allow users to purchase virtual currency. “We’re seeing some really positive trends around Bitcoin and the way it is being used,” Dorsey began. “I think some of the best decisions we make are the decisions that are not based on data, but are decisions that are based on the inspiration and the belief that we will be better. I see Bitcoin as being a world currency, and I think it has a lot of merit.”. Read more about jack dorsey and let us know what you think.


One of many billionaires who supports and promotes for the crypto sector is Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Square and Twitter. Dorsey has previously shown his support for Bitcoin by adding a Bitcoin emoji to Twitter, partnering with Square to launch a Bitcoin hardware wallet, and even announcing plans to relocate to Africa and work with African IT experts to use crypto and other technologies to kickstart the continent’s transformation.

This time, though, he chose to share certain facts about Bitcoin that are motivating him to be so enthusiastic about the world’s biggest cryptocurrency.

During The B Word conference, Dorsey discusses Bitcoin.

During a famous crypto conference known as The B Word, Dorsey discussed Bitcoin. The Crypto Council for Innovation hosts this well-known event, which has drawn a number of prominent speakers.

The thing that really pushed his thought — and his enthusiasm behind it — according to Dorsey, is a single question: “if the internet had a chance to have a native currency, what would it be?”

Only Bitcoin can be the solution for Dorsey. He believes in Bitcoin and its potential because of its ideals, robustness, and use cases (such as assisting the unbanked and supporting whole communities). But, above all, Dorsey said that the network and community of Bitcoin molded his opinion of it and made him so supportive of it. Indeed, he has compared the crypto community to the early days of the internet.

Why is Dorsey so enthusiastic about Bitcoin?

This is also very simple to observe and comprehend. Many people recall the early days of the internet, when a group of brilliant programmers came together to create this new phenomenon a place where people from all over the globe could communicate, exchange knowledge, and work for the benefit of society as a whole. A same thing is occurring today with cryptocurrency, but this time it’s all about using the strength of the community to aid people who are suffering financially.

Hundreds of millions of people live in poverty throughout the globe, having been abandoned by banks since they do not provide institutions with a way to profit from them. This is what the cryptocurrency business is all about: empowering individuals like you. This is one of the primary motivations for Satoshi Nakamoto’s creation of Bitcoin, and it is this single objective that has stayed at the core of the crypto sector to this day. DeFi exploded last year because it empowered individuals who didn’t want to rely on banks, whereas NFTs exploded in 2021 because it empowered artists and collectors equally.

This one objective continues to propel the industry forward, and Dorsey is enthralled by it. He himself said, “It’s profoundly principled, it’s strange as hell, and it’s constantly changing.” It reminded me of the internet when I was younger.”

It’s fair to assume that Dorsey believes in crypto’s future and has big expectations for it. He even believes that cryptocurrency might contribute to global peace. He understands that this will not happen quickly – it is a long-term effort — but he remains optimistic.

He’s been saying stuff like this for years. For example, at the Bitcoin 2021 Conference last month, he said that Bitcoin has the potential to revolutionize everything and that he honestly does not believe there is anything more essential to work on in his lifetime. This is what drove him to purchase $50 million in Bitcoin with Square last year. He went on to say that Square is going further into the crypto sector by launching a new company that would use Bitcoin to provide decentralized financial services.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, a long-time crypto-bod on Twitter, recently revealed his personal motivation behind supporting Bitcoin , and it was a bit surprising.  When asked why he supports Bitcoin , Dorsey said he believes both the currency and blockchain technology are incredibly important.. Read more about jack dorsey education and let us know what you think.

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