Wiki contributors want to drop crypto donations over environmental concerns

The Wikimedia Foundation is considering a change to its cryptocurrency donation policy as it’s facing increasing pressure from contributors.
The foundation, which runs Wikipedia and sister projects like Wiktionary and Wikibooks, has seen more than $1 million donated in the form of Bitcoin through May 2019. While they say they want to maintain long-term sustainability for their projects with donations that’re ‘environmentally friendly’, some members are worried about how much energy crypto miners use when mining coins. They’ve been looking at other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum or Zcash but feel that these options would only be viable if there were enough people using them who wanted the money lost during mining not just going into fiat currency. The WMF will hold an emergency call on Thursday night to discuss what should happen moving forward.,
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The “wikipedia bitcoin donation” is a wiki that has decided to stop accepting donations in cryptocurrency. The decision was made due to concerns about the environmental impact of crypto mining.


Three years after the Wikimedia Foundation began taking cryptocurrency payments via Bitpay, donors are putting pressure on the nonprofit group that runs Wikipedia to remove the option due to environmental concerns.

The organization is urged to cease accepting cryptocurrency in a request made by Molly White (GorillaWarfare). White claims that Wikimedia’s intentions to actively work to increase environmental sustainability do not line up with accepting cryptocurrency. 

White noted that there is a danger of harming Wikimedia’s image as a result of its continuous acceptance of cryptocurrencies, but he proposed that it resonates as a “endorsement of the cryptocurrency field” by Wikimedia and its members.

Discussions started right away. Gamaliel, a user on the wiki, approved of the idea. “Much needed. The WMF’s dedication to environmental sustainability is made a mockery by accepting cryptocurrencies, they said.

However, Wiki user ATDT questions if “continuing to accept bitcoin donations in 2022 is a really important signal.” According to the user, adopting the USD “signals acceptance of the systems of labor exploitation and despoliation of the natural environment that underpin global capitalism.” 

While there are a lot of people opposed to blocking bitcoin contributions, as of this writing, they are outnumbered. A choice won’t be made based on what the majority want, the website makes clear. Instead, a decision will be made based on how persuasive the reasons are. 

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The conversation also included Mozilla’s decision to halt cryptocurrency contributions. Jamie Zawinski, a co-founder of Mozilla, expressed his opposition to the Mozilla Foundation’s continuing acceptance of bitcoin contributions last week. Zawinski encouraged the corporation to end its involvement with “planet-incinerating Ponzi grifters” after viewing a tweet that informed users that the site is taking cryptocurrency.

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The “us lawmaker proposes bill aimed at limiting fed’s ability to issue cbdc” is a news article that discusses how the United States Congress wants to limit the amount of crypto donations that are accepted.

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