Will Blockchain technology disrupt or rebuild the banking & financial sector?

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Blockchain technology has proven to be valuable in a lot of ways. It is the driving force behind the world’s second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum which has a market capitalization of over $80 billion. But can Blockchain technology be useful for the banking and financial sector? This is something that is currently being explored.

Blockchain technology has been the talk of the financial world, and the banking industry in particular, for the past few years. The main reason for this is that blockchain technology is thought to be capable of helping these institutions to reduce their costs and become more efficient. But what is blockchain technology and how will it actually help the banks?

On the 20th. In May, Blackarrow Conferences will bring together more than 25 blockchain experts to discuss and debate the adoption and implementation of blockchain technology in the banking and finance industry.

Decomposition: The financial sector is now facing a potential disruptor, and it comes in the form of applications of blockchain technology. Large financial institutions, such as investment banks, central banks, exchanges and securities markets, are beginning to experiment with their own blockchain-based solutions to get ahead of the proliferation of the technology. Many financial experts consider this a must-win or stay-behind scenario.

This view is shared by Magnus Jones, head of blockchain and innovation at Ernst Young Northern Europe, who said: I believe that theFi mechanisms will be a game changer for the financial sector. Given the protocols that exist today, this is not necessary. Instead, the financial industry will establish its own protocols. These mechanisms will create a whole new ecosystem in which we will see faster transactions, greater transparency and better interest rates. If banks don’t wake up, other players such as cryptocurrency exchanges will surely seize the opportunity to offer similar services. This could lead to major changes in the sector.

Blackarrow Conferences’ online conference BLOCKCHAIN IN BANKING features expert presentations from speakers such as Marlos Pomp – Dutch Blockchain Coalition, Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner – Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, etc. Philipp Sandner – Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, Dr. Agata Ferreira – University of Frankfurt Agata Ferreira – Technical University of Warsaw, Simon Seiter – Deutsche Börse AG, Gerard Dache – Government Blockchain Association, Benjamin Duve – Commerzbank AG, Narayanan Raman -Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP, Magnus Jones – Ernst Young, Marjan Delantinne – British Blockchain Association, Ian Putter – Standard Bank Group, Nadia Filali – Groupe Caisse des Dépôts, Dan Simerman – IOTA Foundation, Mark Pilkington – University of Burgundy, Myrtle Ann Ramos – Block Tides, Vishwas Bajaj – Capgemini, Jorge Sebastiao – Nimbus DeFi, Tania Bivik Plankar – Blockchain Alliance Europe Sindhu Bhaskar – GBA, Janna Patchai – Future of Payments WG, Jamil Hasan – Irish Tech News; and many others.

Main themes of the conference and panel discussions :

  • Blockchain and banking: The role of DLT in financial services
  • Will blockchain disrupt or reshape banking and financial services?
  • Blockchain in financial services – good or bad?
  • Reducing the costs of cross-border commercial transactions
  • How to ensure smooth adoption of blockchain in the banking sector?
  • The CBDC and the future of finance

If you’re wondering how to attend this groundbreaking conference, visit https://www.blackarrowconferences.com/bib.html to reserve your spot at the November 20-21 event. May. Registration is FREE for attendees.

Take part in inspiring presentations and use the virtual and interactive conference platform to communicate with over 500 delegates from around the world with one finger.

Conference website – https://www.blackarrowconferences.com/bib.html

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Blockchain disrupt banks?

A lot of banks are getting into blockchain, and it’s easy to see why: it’s a more secure, transparent, and efficient way to transact business. Blockchain can also be used to store records like medical transactions, legal contracts, and real estate transactions. This data is shared and available to everyone on the network, with very little chance of it being compromised. The fact that data in a blockchain can’t be modified once it’s entered into a block makes it permanent and extremely secure. The cryptocurrency market may be famously volatile, but it’s also booming. As Bitcoin and its ilk gain acceptance around the world, financial institutions are starting to take notice. Yet, the two worlds are very different. One uses a centralized model, while the other is based on a disruptive technology called blockchain. The question is: what are the parallels between the two, and what will happen when they meet? ‘Blockchain vs Traditional Banking’

How Blockchain is changing the banking industry?

The cryptocurrency market has grown exponentially over the past few years. While the number of cryptocurrencies has grown significantly, the number of exchanges where you can trade them for fiat currency has not. Although many exchanges promise to change that, they are often seen as unsecure and hard to navigate. The latest blockchain technology could be the answer. The blockchain is a decentralized ledger, which means it provides a secure way to keep track of transactions. It’s a relatively new technology, invented in 2008 as the digital ledger behind the world’s first cryptocurrency, bitcoin . It’s the technology that underlies other cryptocurrencies and other applications as well.  In recent years, the financial industry has been looking for ways to apply the blockchain to make banking operations faster and more secure.  (This is a pretty good introduction paragraph. However, it is only a paragraph, not the intro that I want. For example, it is not detailed enough. Also, it is too vague.)

What industries will Blockchain disrupt?

The Blockchain is not only a new digital payment option. The Blockchain is a list of records held together by cryptography and distributed over many computers in the form of a ledger that cannot be modified without the change being noted by participants and rejected. The Blockchain is used for many purposes, including acting as a ledger of all Bitcoin transactions, but it has many other uses too. In this article, we’ll be looking at 3 industries that the Blockchain will disrupt. Blockchain technology is already disrupting a number of industries. From finance to real estate and even voting, the technology is being adapted to solve problems across industries. While the tech is still in its infancy in many cases, the potential for disruption is enormous.

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