WonderHero Announces Binance NFT-Exclusive Mystery Box Sale On November 30

WonderHero announced a limited-time sale on November 30, offering Binance NFTs for highly discounted prices. The promotion includes exclusive items from the latest release of WonderBoy: Monster World and will go live at 6pm CST.

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The “buy mystery box” is a cryptocurrency-exclusive item that will be available for purchase on November 30. WonderHero has announced the sale of their mystery boxes which have been created with an exclusive Binance NFT.

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On November 30, WonderHero will launch its first-ever Mystery Box sale on the Binance NFT platform. Users who purchase a Mystery Box may choose from forty different varieties, each of which contains one Hero, one Weapon, and three NFT assets. The selling of the Mystery Box is yet another significant milestone in the blockchain game. 

WonderHero just announced many future milestones after successfully completing its Alpha Test. The project is planning to start its Open Beta Test, NFT staking, NFT marketplace, and game launch in December. 

WonderHero is a blockchain-based, play-to-earn NFT-based role-playing game. Polkastarter labs has partnered with the developers to provide mentoring and institutional assistance. It’s also Polkastarter’s first official incubation project. Today’s business is dominated by blockchain gaming, and supporting initiatives is advantageous to all parties involved. 

Players may acquire uncommon non-fungible tokens in WonderHero, which is accessible on Android and iOS. On a peer-to-peer marketplace, players may sell, trade, and purchase these NFTs. In addition, there are in-game awards for winning combat, which the player is free to use as they see fit.

The WonderHero team is ecstatic to announce the commencement of its first-ever Mystery Box sale. Binance NFT, a non-fungible token platform linked to the world’s largest centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, is facilitating the sale. On November 30, 2021, users may purchase Mystery Boxes, which range in star rating from two to five. There will be 5,000 Mystery Boxes available for purchase, with 120 of them having a five-star rating, giving you a 2.4 percent chance of getting one. 

One of three ways to get WonderHero NFTs today is via the Mystery Box. The WonderBox is the oldest method and includes 5 NFTs worth BUSD $500, comprising 1 Hero, 1 Weapon, and 3 Equipment items. The Mystery Boxes will be available for BUSD $150 during the Binance NFT sale. 

Other options include purchasing NFTs from the Marketplace or earning NFTs by playing the game. Furthermore, to begin playing, players need one Hero and one Weapon, making the Mystery Boxes the appropriate introductory set. 

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Purchasing a Mystery Box allows NFT owners to get right into the game and start earning on the official launch day. It’s also a terrific method to save money on WonderHero NFTs and then swap them on the Marketplace later. Holders may also utilize WonderHero’s Yield System to earn the $WND token, which can be used for governance, purchasing Weapons, Heroes, and Items, or becoming a Sponsor. 

Rare NFTs will be difficult to come by and will come with detailed data on Heroes, Weapons, and Equipment. Getting these high-value goods early on will help players advance faster, allowing them to take advantage of more effective farming and earning tactics. 

Binance NFT’s assistance is a huge step forward for WonderHero. It indicates that the Binance NFT team sees promise in this high-quality initiative and wants to help promote it to a wider audience. 

WonderHero’s Background

WonderHero is a play-to-earn mobile RPG game in which players may earn and trade rare NFTs (non-fungible tokens) in a peer-to-peer marketplace. The team is dedicated to creating a balanced environment in which people of all skill levels may help one other earn money while having fun.

WonderHero is managed by a brilliant team with over 10 years of combined gaming expertise and leadership experience in a top 20 crypto exchange.  


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Register now on Binance, add 50$ and get 100$ bonus voucher!

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