WOWS Partners With NFY & MIMIR Solutions Corporation

  • WOWS announces a strategic alliance with NFY and MIMIR.
  • MIMIR is owned by the same four investors that control NFY and Cyotee.
  • On future initiatives, WOWS and NFY will actively cooperate.

C-groundbreaking Folio’s NFT-DeFi protocol Wolves of Wall Street (WOWS) is proud to announce the establishment of their most significant strategic relationship with and its owners, MIMIR SOLUTIONS CORPORATION.

NFY and WOWS have a shared history, since both founders worked on each other’s protocols in the past. The WOWS project leaders, Tristan Vert, created the branding, and JeffX from NFY and UI/UX, who helped launch, performed a soft audit on the code to aid WOWS with their first token sale.

Furthermore, their development pathways share concepts for collaboration, such as the use of NFTs (for NFY) and SFTs (for SFTs) (for WOWS). To develop wrapper containers for LP value as well as other Safex Token (SFT) and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) assets.

The Wall Street Wolves (WOWS)

The Wolves Of Wall Street is a project aimed on pioneering in the DeFi/NFT (non-fungible tokens) sector by concentrating on solid farming (WOWS). WOWS adds gamification to these creative applications. WOWS is a group of five non-anonymous experts in their respective fields.

WOWS CEO Tristant said,

We are delighted to be associated with bright creative brains who are unconstrained by limitations of what is conceivable and feasible. We aim to offer our unique perspective on DeFi, as well as our SFTs, to the MIMIR alliance and provide value.

MIMIR SOLUTIONS CORPORATION, which is controlled by four owners who also own NFY and the well-known developer Cyotee Doge, has now cured it. MIMIR is quickly establishing itself as a key participant in the DeFi and blockchain worlds.

In addition, the Geometric Space Crop has recently declared that it is now an official collaborating partner. In addition, the notorious Dogecoin Cubesat Space X will launch in July 2022.

WOWS and NFY will also actively cooperate on future initiatives under the MIMIR banner. Developers from Cyotee and MIMIR will assist in the implementation of new WOWS functionalities. To establish certain common token pools while collaborating with the WOWS team. Cyotee, Jeffex, Halsey, and the Beard of Justice are the main characters of MIMIR. To commemorate the alliance, Wolves / Bois SFT C-folios with unique earning capabilities will be available for purchase on the WOWS platform, and will symbolize the alliance’s leading players.

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WOWS, a blockchain-based gaming platform has partnered with NFY and MIMIR Solutions Corporation. The partnership aims to provide an easy way for players to create their own games. Reference: geometric space corporation.

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