ZOO-Crypto World (ZOO) Will Hit $3 Soon?

It has been 25 days since ZOO was launched and the price has gone up to $0.01. ZOO was launched on 17th of January with a price of 0.0025 BTC. The price of ZOO has been going up day by day and a couple of days ago it is a little bit over $0.0025.

ZOO will be a hybrid platform that combines a cryptocurrency exchange, a digital payment system and a P2P lending platform. Using a combination of a decentralized exchange and a hybrid P2P model, ZOO will make it much easier to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, as well as instantly send and receive money. In addition, ZOO will also feature a real-time lending platform that will allow users to borrow and lend digital currency, as well as traditional financial instruments such as stocks and bonds.

You might be thinking, hey, given the name and the subject, and given the recent price swing, this blog must be about ZOOM, right? Here’s what you should know though, is that when ZOO went public, its price was $0.07, and the last trade was $0.07.

NFT News

  • ZOO Crypto-World is a brand-new non-financial trading platform.
  • The price of ZOO-Crypto World (ZOO) may soon reach $3.
  • Binance’s MVB III Program welcomes ZOO.

Cryptocurrencies will upend conventional banking because one of its most appealing features is the capacity to send payments quickly. The crypto-business is gaining traction across the globe, and the gaming industry is following suit. 

Similarly, ZOO-Crypto World is a new NFT game platform that has a variety of animal-themed NFTs with different rarities. YIELD FARMING/Smart Pool/NFT Cards Collection/NFT Battle are among the Smart Contracts included in ZOO. In the near future, the ZOO ecosystem plans to develop a reliable NFT gamification platform and add additional Gaming Elements. Two native tokens are used in the game: KEY and ZOO.

At the time of writing, the trading price of ZOO-Crypto World(ZOO) on CoinMarketCap was $1.07. The previous 24 hours’ trading volume was $5,483,583, and ZOO has increased by 37.72 percent in the past seven days. And we may anticipate further bullishness in the next day, with the ZOO’s price perhaps hitting $3.

Transparency, self-evolution, and justice are the ZOO’s guiding values. By staking NFT assets, platform users will be able to acquire ZOO tokens. The ZOO platform created a token called ZOO. Which is available for trade on Panckaeswap.

MVB III Binance Program

On the social media site Twitter, ZOO-Crypto World announced its participation in Binance’s MVB III Program on September 2.

Binance Smart Chain announced the third phase of competition in August, inviting infrastructure, NFT, and DeFi logo projects to compete. The Most Valuable Builder (MVB) program is BSC’s most prestigious incubation program.

Finally, with future improvements, initiatives, and announcements, the ZOO price may continue to rise. As previously said, ZOO has the potential to reach $3 only if investors believe it is a smart investment.

ZOO (ZOO) is one of the hottest crypto currencies to hit the market in the last few months. It’s currently trading at $3 and has a market cap of $1,000,000 Shocking I know, but we expect that to change soon, and we believe it will hit $3 and go higher. We think ZOO will see a major spike in price in 2018 and we’re going to be there to help it.. Read more about wildlife world zoo law enforcement and let us know what you think.

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